Most Expensive Cooking Vacations

Cooking vacations, or what’s known in the travel business as “Culinary Tourism” is becoming more and more popular with a wide variety of  exciting and adventurous locales being offered to food enthusiasts today.

Let's check out some of the most expensive cooking vacations:

1. Bordeaux Grand Cru Cooking and Wine Tour by The Bordeaux Wine Experience - $5,500


This course will teach you to prepare old style French home cooking in a modern and easily accessible way. For this five night culinary experience you will stay at Château Coulon Laurensac, nestled among the Bordeaux Vineyards. This is the perfect launching spot for touring this famous wine region of France.

2. Exotic Morocco by Epitourean - $3,500


Exploring the infamous and mysterious city of Casablanca while learning the secrets of sweet and savory Moroccan cuisine. This is a seven night trip which includes cooking instruction in the cities of Rabat, Fes and Marrakech.

3. Cooking in Barcelona by Epiculinary - $3,495


The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the center of Catalonian cuisine and full of artistic history with artists such as Dali and Picasso having walked those very same streets. This six night course includes accommodations as well as three hands on cooking lessons followed by lunch.

4. Yucatan One Week Culinary Workshop by Los Dos - $3,375


Los Dos is the first cooking school devoted totally to the cuisine of Yucatan, and has been featured inConde’ Nast TravelerandTravel and Leisuremagazines. This six night, five day package includes instruction from renowned chef David Sterling.

5. Slow Cooking Positano by Cooking Vacations - $3,300


6. Culinary Adventure in Umbria by the International Kitchen - $3,000

culinary adventurein umbria by the international kitchen

7. Camp Napa Culinary by Hugh Carpenter - $2,970


8. Exotic Thailand Culinary & Cultural Adventure by Epitourean - $2,890


9. New York City, Taste of the Big Apple by Sur La Table - $1,900


10. Athens Culinary Excursion by Epitourean - $1,289


There is a vast difference in having the dish you like the most at home with cooking it yourself at the most exotic location by trying various new ingredients and methods of cooking . A new dish…a new environment…and a new taste!

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