Most Expensive Clothing Stores

Most Expensive Clothing Stores

Most Expensive Clothing Stores

Here’s a line-up of the most expensive clothing stores in the world for you! Many famed and exclusive marquees of clothing in the world are there to choose from! The merchandises of these clothing brands are, quite naturally, a limited edition! The one fact common about these brands is that their creators are no more.

These marvelous brands are donned by celebrated personalities. These international brands have clothes studded with diamonds and adorned with fancy fur. These elements add significantly to their cost! These brands also present lines of colognes, shoes, hand bags and ornaments! Let’s have a look at some of these stores!

1. House of Bijan, Beverly Hills

house of bijan

House of Bijan at Beverly Hills tops this list as the most expensive clothing store in the world. It is the greatest store when it comes to men`s fashion. They being the most lavish, vend to customers only through appointments.

2. Versace, Rome


Among the most exuberant Italian brands, Versace is renowned for not only its apparels, but also its bags, dark glasses, fragrances, costume jewelry, and decorations. A plain looking bag can cost a monstrous $650 while a formal wallet will be available at $2000.

3. Oscar de la Renta, New York

oscar de la renta

Oscar de la Rentabagged the third place on this list of the most expensive clothing stores! It situated in New York. Tis brand has been famous from its inception in 1965. Famous luminaries like Liz Taylor wore clothes from this store!

4. Louis Vuitton, Rome

louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton is an exceedingly famous fashion brand and that it made it to this list is no shock! The main store is in Rome but it has outlets all over the world.The excellentcolours they use are very alluring!

5. Bourdon House, London

bourdon house

6. Loewe, Barcelona


7. UlysseNardin, New York


8. Harry Winston, Beverly Hills

harry winston

9. Carine Gilson, Paris

carine gilson

All these clothing stores are extremely famous and are international in their dealings. The price tags that their products come with are not for the ordinary to have the funds for! The name of the brands and the material used are responsible for the cost.