Most Expensive Baby Cribs

Most Expensive Baby Cribs

Most Expensive Baby Cribs

A crib is a must when you bring home your little bundle of joy. Though these are not usually pricey yet there are some spectacular baby cribs that command quite a high price tag- reaching up to millions.

So what makes these cribs so expensive? Well, the most expensive baby cribs are no generic products and are specially made by eminent designers. Most of them are one-of-a-kind and limited edition. These could range from cribs designed as Cinderella’s carriage to a designer crib made from solid gold! Are you getting curious to know more about these baby cribs? Here comes the list for you.

1. Baby Crib Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold – $16.4 million

baby crib dodo bassinet solid gold

This solid gold baby crib has been designed with 24k gold & it weighs around 188 kg. Designed by famous designer Ximo Talamantes, this crib measures nearly 96 cm by 114 cm by 66cm. The product is shipped with international delivery insurance.

2. Baby Crib Fantasy Coach – $65000

baby crib fantasy coach

This is surely the dream crib for any baby. The 6ft tall handcrafted crib is made from wood & fiberglass & comes with a full bed. A hot favorite among celebs for their kids, this gorgeous crib was ordered by Kim Kardashian & Kayne West.

3. Baby Crib Majestic Carriage – $19995

baby crib majestic carriage

If you are planning a royal treat for your little one, this majestic baby crib is the one for both of you. Made from solid cedar, this crib carries multiple birch details, front seat made of faux leather & round mattress. It weighs nearly 25 pounds & comes with luggage rack.

4. Baby Crib Emily 4-in-1 Convertible – $9995

baby crib emily 4 in 1 convertible

This convertible crib is available in ebony, espresso, honey oak, natural, cherry & white. It’s simple yet smart & features additional robust slats to ensure extra security & sustainability. You will find metal & spring mattress backup for optimum support.

5. Baby Crib Camelot – $7200

baby crib camelot

6. Baby Crib Bonne Nuit Cherubini – $4664

baby crib bonne nuit cherubini

7. Baby Crib Versailles Garden Iron – $3995

baby crib versailles garden iron

8. Baby Crib Corsican Cinderella Carriage – $3749

baby crib corsican cinderella carriage

These baby cribs are no ordinary cribs but are especially tailor-made to bring an extraordinary touch- no wonder; they have celebs as their keen clients. However, it should be mentioned that these special cribs carry excellent artistic inputs and rich craftsmanship.