Top Resolutions Made by Celebrities and Kept

Top Resolutions Made by Celebrities and Kept

Top Resolutions Made by Celebrities and Kept

New Year is always the most exciting time of the year. The most fascinating thing about New Year is that people take up resolutions and try to stick on to them for the rest of the year. Resolutions are usually taken up to satisfy the inner conscience and are a promise to one’s heart that the resolution will be fulfilled to make him/her a better person.

Celebrities are also amazed by this ritual and they also become a part of taking up resolutions. Here are the most commonly taken up resolutions by the celebrities. 

1. Face your fear


How to Overcome Fear

The scariest thing in the world is the fear of the unknown. The fear of the known is deadly as well. Prepare and promise yourself to face any one of your fears and try your level best to overcome it. The feeling of satisfaction after that is incredible.

2. Follow your heart

follow your heart

Strategies To Help You Conquer Your Fears And Regrets

You always had an idea or a wish that you wanted to be fulfilled. You didn’t get the chance or the time? Not a problem because now is the time! Give yourself some importance and follow your heart. Take a step forward towards your goal because the first step is always the hardest. Gather your courage and the success will be yours.

3. Be Apologitic & Show Gratitude

apologetic and gratitude

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There are numerous times in a person’s life when we know that we need to thank a person for a help or a favor or apologize to someone for an honest mistake but usually we are not able to do that. New Year is always the start of something new so now would be the correct time to gather your courage and thank or apologize to a person and revive the old beautiful relations with them.

4. Make yourself Useful to Someone

make yourself useful

Just offering your help or saying, “do you need any help?” will definitely show that you are just being generous and formal. Don’t do that! If you really want to help then show it. Offer your help in a manner that the other person could never refuse and would feel comfortable in working with you.

5. Prove your Worth and Caliber to Yourself

prove your worth and caliber

Lead a more Empowering Life

We are surrounded by huge number of people who are in some or the other way a part of our lives. Some would encourage you all the time and some would leave no chance to discourage and mislead you from your actual goal and path. This New Year, work hard and prove yourself and the others what you are actually worth.

6. Think about Yourself and not the People

think about yourself and not the people

Personal Values Towards Life

Many a times we have to face situations in where we stop ourselves from doing something that we have been wanting and waiting to do for a long period of time now and the only reason to stop is “the society”. For once in your life forget about the society and think about yourself. Do a thing which you held back because of the fear of the society.

7. Let it go

let it go

Let It Go - Focus on You

Holding on is important but holding on to something that has already left you is foolishness. It is important to move on ahead with your life and for that it is important to let things go which gives you pain and hurts you. Be it a person, a product or just anything else, the only motto you should be following is LET IT GO!

Make sure that your resolutions are not forgotten by the time the third month rolls around and make the best out of them.