How to Stick to your Resolutions

How to Stick to your Resolutions

How to Stick to your Resolutions

With the advent of New Year or after some terrible period in our lives, we make resolutions as a part of the lessons from our mistakes or as a means of improving our lifestyle. Resolutions are future events and thus carry a certain amount of uncertainty regarding their fulfillment. Several factors do not allow us to fulfill our resolutions. But, in order to bring a positive change in the character or the situation of life, few motivations may lead us in the perusal of our resolutions:

1. Estimating the worth

estmating the worth

Before beginning our efforts towards any resolution, we must be sure about the thing about to be pursued. If anywhere there is a doubt that the thing is only part of a fancy or temporary attraction, then, it must not be followed. The entire self analysis about the requirement of a change is necessary in order to implement it beneficially in our lives. 

2. Strength of Mind 

strength of mind

For making and standing firm of our resolutions, we must retain the strength of our mind. A sense of determination and strong will, always help us in accomplishing the promises we make to ourselves. Being true to one’s own self is necessary for being true to our resolutions and life. If such a step is taken, it dedicates people towards their future endeavors and positive modifications. 

3. Discussion


Sometimes when we are not too strong in ourselves, we need people near to us as a support system for reminding us continually of our goals. Motivation coming from some external source is a symbol of care and encourages us stick to our plans. They keep a track of our steps towards our resolution and support us if we turn weak at point in life.

4. Constant Trying

constant trying

Everyone can’t be resolute enough to completely dedicate themselves to their plans. But, the key is to never stop trying. If it is continually becoming difficult, take a break and then resume again. There are many sayings like practice makes a man perfect or those who try never loose. So, the need of the hour is to internalize these maxims and bring a new change in life through constant trials.

5. Plan Smartly

plan smartly

In the daily course of life, we often forget the resolutions we make and even people are sometimes not around us to remind us of the same. So, in these circumstances, just plan the ways to remember. Use chits or mobile reminders to keep you updated. The deal is just to stick to the plans and not to deviate. Now, whatever means must we apply, they must all be helpful and not all the more confusing. 

6. Baby Steps

baby steps

A person, who sets his foot on many boats, always drowns. It is the same in our lives. If we have laid our mind our many plans and have our hands full, then it is almost impossible to accomplish all. To actually achieve our hard thought resolution, our entire mental energies must be focused upon it as a priority, and if that provides satisfying outcomes, we must put our faith on any other plans.

Through these seemingly simple steps, we may attain the felicity of standing strong for our resolutions and decisions, whether they are for the improvement of attitude, health or career. The only prerogative is the will to work and never lose hope.