Use these 6 Strategies To Help You Conquer Your Fears And Regrets

Use these 6 Strategies To Help You Conquer Your Fears And Regrets

Use these 6 Strategies To Help You Conquer Your Fears And Regrets

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” Fulton Oursler

Fear and Regret are two things that are guaranteed to prevent you from living your life to the fullest. In fact your fears and regrets if you let them will create a life for you that is devoid of positivity and hope for your future. 

Is There Any Value In Regret?


Before I share with you the 6 strategies on how you can conquer your fears and regrets I need to tell you that for younger people regret does have some value. 

Researcher Neale Roese is a leader in the field of regret research. His studies show that for young people regret has a more positive influence in their lives than a negative influence. For example regret helps in fulfilling 5 functions for younger people:

1. Helping make sense of the world

2. Avoiding future negative behaviours

3. Gaining insight

4. Achieving social harmony and

5. Improving ability to approach desired opportunities.

When I read about how regret and fear can have a positive impact on young peoples lives I wondered why I as an older person I had allowed regret and fear to have such a negative impact on my life? I have no answer to this question however over the last few years I have worked hard to take control of my fears and regrets so that they no longer have such a negative influence in my life. (How to Overcome Fear)

Living a life full of regret and fear can also have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Fear and regret has the ability to ignite within you negative self-talk and self-blame for lost opportunities and bad decisions. Regret and fear prevent you from engaging in life and limits your ability to recover from the challenges and personal setbacks in life. However all is not lost and there are definite strategies that you can use to help you conquer the negative influences that fear and regret have in your life. I have chosen the 6 strategies I use on a daily basis to manage my fears and my regrets in my life. 

By using these 6 strategies I am able to live my life to it’s fullest. I choose not to live in the past nor be afraid of my future. I embrace the challenges of life and have a hopeful and positive anticipation of my future. 

1. Admit That You Have Regrets & Fears

admit that you have regrets

Overcome Your Fear

Everybody has regrets and fears. When people say that they have no regrets in life they are not telling the truth. Our fears and regrets when we manage them can actually help us to learn and grow. Accept that you will make mistakes and make some not go good decisions however always keep moving forward in life and be open to learning from your mistakes.

2. Acknowledge that Regret and Fear Are Only Thoughts


Overcome Negative Thoughts

Regret and fear are two ways where your mind is trying to protect you by predicting, “what could happen”. Remember that just because something could happen doesn’t mean it will.  Constantly question and challenge your thoughts of fear and regret. Remember that regret and fear are not real; they are only your thoughts. 

3. Practice Mindfulness


Live with Positive thoughts

Practice trying to distance yourself from your thoughts and observe them rather than react automatically to them. Identify those thoughts that will draw you in and create confusion and inertia within you. Accept that these thoughts do not serve you well and work toward having more control over them.

4. Label Your Thoughts


Build Inner Strength

Label the type of thought you are having rather than pay attention to its content. Observe your thoughts and if you notice a thought that is judging (how good or bad the situation) label it “judging.  If you are criticising yourself for doing something wrong then label that thought  “criticising”. Then ask yourself how long you want to spend criticising and blaming yourself. My suggestion is that you spend zero time doing this activity!

5. Take Action


Actions to Up Your Confidence

Your regret and fear will paralyse you and the only way to overcome this paralysis is to choose to take action. Worrying about your future or regretting a lost opportunity will get you nowhere. Get up and get going. Physical activity creates energy and momentum – the key to moving forward in your life.

6. Argue Yourself Out of Fear and Regret


Increase Your Patience

Chose to take your power and argue yourself out of feeling regret and fear.

Remember that fears and regrets are only thoughts in your mind and if you act on them they will control your life.

Ask yourself if your thoughts of regret or fear are helpful or are they paralysing you? When you feel fearful or regretful are these feelings and thoughts helping you to move forward in your life?Never try to minimise your fears and regrets in life. (Positive Thoughts on Daily Activities)

Use these 6 strategies to help you manage your fears and regrets so that you can live a resilient and  flourishing life, evolving and growing within a world of constant change. (Ways to Make Changes Stick)