Ways to Encourage Others

Ways to Encourage Others

Ways to Encourage Others

Giving a Words of encouragement is not an art requiring a special set of skills. However, at one point, we have all felt at crossroads on how to encourage someone and make them feel better. We struggle to look for the right words to say and how to phrase them. For starters, it is the simple things that matter, small things like having a keen eye for details.

The Best Ways to Encourage Others.

1. Listen and Empathize

 listen and empathize

There is a difference between listening and hearing. Pay close attention to details being disclosed to you. Careful listening and empathizing gives you an opportunity to help where you can.

2. Appreciate Others

appreciate others

Making people aware of the value they add in your life is a great way of pumping positivity. Always let people know the reason you are grateful for them. It could be because they inspire you, or encourage you. Appreciating people spreads the love and makes both parties aim for the best.

3. Find Interest in Things Outside your Comfort Zone

find interest in things outside your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone, to show interest in what interests other people, sends an encouraging message. This is a way of building relationships. It also sends encouraging messages of anything being possible with a correct mind set.

4. Give People Chances

give people chances

What good is encouraging people if you can’t give them a chance to showcase themselves. An encouragement is supposed to change people for the better. Giving people a chance to try new things, shows your confidence in them. This confidence boost is a great start in itself.

5. Recognize People’s Effort

recognize peoples effort

We all love to be appreciated for a great job done. Being acknowledged in such positive ways automatically makes us more encouraged to continue being the best. Being recognized for your efforts also encourages other people to work hard and get their own recognition.

6. Learn to Compliment People

learn to compliment people

It is very discouraging when you take all the effort to be better, for no one to notice. If you are always being criticized about late coming, it sure will be encouraging, when one day you are praised for punctuality. Compliments and praises uplift our spirits.

7. Smile


A smiling face is easy to approach than a stern face. A simple smile can rejuvenate someone. A smile can be interpreted as a sign of acceptance and warmth. The more you smile at people, the more they feel a sense of belonging.

Different situations open various window of how you can encourage people. Encouragement is contagious. The more you encourage someone, the more they will encourage other people. You gain more by encouraging people; you better lives and become a more better person each time.