Passive Aggressive Girlfriend

Passive Aggressive Girlfriend

Passive Aggressive Girlfriend

Passive Aggressive Girlfriends are the most difficult people to deal with, and you should avoid getting into a relationship with this kind of girls. It is not that they do it intentionally. Some people are naturally passively aggressive, but some others have learned to behave that way so that they get more attention and can escape responsibility.

she is stubborn

  • She is stubborn and will not listen to your advice. She will deliberately avoid listening to your plan even when she knows it is for her good. This kind of girls does it to gain power in the relationship.

  • She will never stick to any plan and will always postpone every activity. She will always keep you waiting and will not even acknowledge the fact that you have waited for a long time just to meet her.

  • She will easily blame others for everything that goes wrong. She will always allow you to take crucial decisions and later blame you if they do not go in the right direction.

  • She will never take any responsibility in relationships. She does the same with everyone around her and will always avoid getting into any situation that demands full commitment.

  • what is going on in her mind

    • She will never let you know what is going on in her mind, but will show her resentment that you are not making the right effort to understand her feelings. This is the most common behavior seen in many passively aggressive women.

    • She will easily forget anything that is important and will not understand the seriousness of the issue. She may even forget that she asked you to meet on a certain day and is not even apologetic about the thing.

    • She knows how to play the victim card very well. She will never let you know her true feelings and later punish you emotionally for not being around her in times of need.

    • She will silently suffer in the relationship and will also make you suffer in the long run without even understanding that things can go well only if she shares her true feelings with you.

    You should avoid getting into such relationship if possible. If you are already in a relationship, you should make her understand that this kind of behavior is not good for the relationship in the long run and will hurt both of you. If she is ready to make amends, offer her all the support that you can and try to save your relationship with your girlfriend.