Passive Aggressive Boyfriend

Being in a relationship with a Passively Aggressive partner can be very difficult. People who exhibit this behavior are difficult to deal with and will be very bad when it comes to a relationship. They do not express their feelings in a straightforward way which will impact the relationship in the long run. Checkout if you are also dealing with a boyfriend who is passively aggressive in nature.

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  • He is not letting you know about his true feelings, but will feel bad that you do not understand him well enough. This is the first sign of passively aggressive behavior.
  • He will compete for power and control in the relationship and will always seek a false sense of importance. He will also be critical whenever possible just for the sake of it.
  • He is also good at making fun of you repeatedly even when he knows it hurts you, but he may also be quick to admit it was just for fun. This kind of people knows how to use humor to hurt other's dignity.
  • He will suddenly neglect you and become silent. He may be spending time in isolation without telling anyone about his feelings which will hurt everyone around him.

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  • He is good at lying and will often blame others for his situation. This kind of people loves playing the victim card to avoid responsibility at any cost. They are also good at manipulating others to benefit their situation.
  • He will often target your weak spot and take advantage of your emotional weakness. He will also push you into accepting his unreasonable demands by way of playing the victim card.
  • He will resist any changes even if it is for the good. He will always try to postpone activities which will result in an overall negative atmosphere and finally blame others for the result.
  • If he does not like any activity, he will not say no but will not perform that to his full capacity. In this way, he is good at hurting others without telling them frankly that he does not like doing that work.

If you are also dealing with such a boyfriend, you need to be aware that these are classic symptoms of passive-aggressive behavior. Usually, this kind of people are never good at relationship. They don't only suffer themselves, but will also bring grief to everyone else involved in the relationship. You should seriously consider avoiding people with this behavior if you want to have a successful relationship.

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