How to Overcome Fear which is holding you back from your dream life ?

I hid for years. Living as a shell of who I really was I was afraid to let others in. I was afraid to chase my dreams fearful of what others would think of me. Fearful that I wasn’t worthy enough. Fearful that I didn’t have what it takes.

I think most of us struggle with being fully truly authentic to who we were wired to be and what makes our hearts sore. Fear causes us to hide.

This fear holds us back from so much and keeps us living a false life. Afraid to risk we settle for good enough. Instead of calling we set out to pay bills. Instead of a vibrant alive marriage full of love we settle for a marriage without much of a pulse. Instead of living where we want to we settle for safety.


There is a full life waiting on the other side of Existing!

The problem is our truest self is waiting on the other side of fear. So whether it is fear of meeting monthly payments, fear of risking and fully loving, fear of what others think, fear of failure, or fear of many other things. Fear is the driving force causing you to live in a shell of what you were meant to be.

So let’s kick fear in the teeth by doing these 4 things.



We must acknowledge how to overcome fearof failure. Saying that there is nothing to be afraid of doesn’t help. We have to know where we are to get to where we are going. Write down your fear. Write down silly fears and write down logical ones. Anything that you are afraid of now is the time to admit it.

Acknowledging your fear no matter how silly will turn a scary beast lurking in the shadows into a conquerable foe. By acknowledging the fear you have a base point to come from to destroy your inner fear.

Talk about It

Talk about It

Humans are designed for community. Fears desire is to segregate and separate us from others. Making us feel like we are the only one that has a particular fear. One of the best ways we can combat fear is resist the urge to hide our fears from others. We need to talk to trusted individuals about our great fears that we are hiding from the world.

Talking about our fears to our close friends, mentor, or coach allows others to step in and restore us. Many fears have part truth in them but most of the fear has become inflated and unreasonable. Your community will help shine light on areas you are unintentionally over exaggerating.  It allows friends to tell you who you really are and that you are capable! What you really can overcome!

Form a Plan

Form a Plan

Some fear is just silly and you and I know it. Some fear though is legitimate. We need to form a plan of overcoming. If fear says you can’t make your bills if you chase your dreams. You can form a plan to side hustle until you make enough on the side to cover basic expenses. Form a plan to minimize your fear even more.

Forming a plan diminishes our fear into bite size pieces making it conquerable. As you make and follow a plan you will feel empowered and gain momentum to conquer your fear.

Imagine a Desired Outcome

Imagine a Desired Outcome

Spending time visualizing is crucial to taking steps towards our dreams in the face of fear. Imagining what life will be like when you overcome your fear will give you the necessary pull to overcome the days when fear is overwhelming. Fear has crippled you because fear says things won’t change and you can’t become better.

Visualization will create the pull you need to attain your dreams. Visualize both your ability to overcome and the desired outcome. Every day spend time visualizing to bring energy and life to your dreams.  Your life will begin to change the moment you start saying yes to the inner calling inside of you and no to that liar fear. Fear is the enemy and you have what it takes. Step out of the shadows and start living a life that you could only imagine. Be blessed on your journey.

ByZechariah Newman

Zechariah Newman is an award winning Figaro’s Pizza franchisee, author, coach and speaker. His mission is to help others pursue entrepreneurial dreams while keeping a balanced and fulfilled life.

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