Tips to Lead a more Empowering Life

Tips to Lead a more Empowering Life

Tips to Lead a more Empowering Life

Having this power is not just for a select few, anyone at anytime can achieve great things, but first we must adjust our ‘self talk’ and catch any thoughts or emotions contrary to what we want to bring in our lives. The human mind is like a magnet and attracts people and circumstances to us based on our inner dialogue or self-talk. Self-talk is an affirmation and if repeated many times over becomes a mantra and the universe without prejudice or judgement is willing to comply to it. (Peace Of Mind Achieves Happiness)

We cannot help adversity; they are often painful lessons that test our resilience at the most inconvenient times but we have a choice, to turn a negative into a positive or drown in self-pity and never move forward. Without any further delays, here are 6 tips to lead a more empowering life:

1. Start your day with Gratitude


As soon as you open your eyes be grateful, you have been given another chance at the game of life. Gratitude also means taking stock of what you have been blessed with, your home, your family, occupation, car, cat, etc. By sending loving energy you release ‘endorphins’ creating a positive aura around you, people will pick it up and return it in kind, great opportunities will manifest. No matter what has happened in the past, all it matters is now so look around you and in a quiet sentence (or prayer) say ‘thanks for all you have’.

2.  Always say ‘Please and Thank you’


In the words of my grandmother:

Please and thank you’ are the unseen doors which open many realms of possibility and make friends of strangers

These are words that still echo in my mind, and along with gratitude people are more receptive to help us making our dreams come true. No man is an island and we need others to achieve our goals. Good manners keep people motivated to give more of themselves and it shows consideration and care to the people around us, it also shows class and style.

For example: I am grateful for the great service we receive from waiting stuff whenever my wife and I go out to dinner and we credit it to ‘please and thank you’.

3. Change your self talk (positive inner dialogue)

believe in yourself

If I got a dollar every time people told me why they could not do things to help their situation I would be a millionaire. We have been conditioned to believe we have no power to change our circumstances but we do and it all starts with how we view ourselves but more importantly; how we talk to ourselves. 

Instead of saying: ‘I can’t get this job because I don’t have the qualifications’

Change it to: ‘I am studying to get the qualifications to get the job I want’.

Not only are you taking positive action by studying, you are also doing something constructive to better your situation in the not so distant future. In the process you are going to meet people who will be there to help you along the way, it only takes one person for your life to change for the best. I have taken pride in proving people wrong over the years, and it serves me like a fuel to keep going because I owe it to myself and I owe it to the ones I love to succeed.

4. Your life, your Responsibility

be responsible for your actions

Taking responsibility for your life is closely linked with your self talk, because when things go wrong the quickest way to turn things around is to ‘own it’ instead of saying ‘this always happens to me’ or ‘I am a loser’; again your self talk is working for or (in this case) against you. You are also responsible for your successes.  When amazing things manifest in your life, take the credit and enjoy the moment; be graceful and mostly grateful. 

We all have the power to achieve great things, and if you are not sure how, just believe the knowledge, people or circumstances will manifest at the right place and time - because it is your life and you call the shots.

5. I AM - Two of the most Powerful words in any Language


Belief in the self is one of the most powerful assets anyone can have, and I AM together with a positive affirmation is one of the most powerful words in any language. This is closely linked to our self talk and if we join it to a positive affirmation it can create wonders for you - not only on a personal but on a professional level.

For example:  “I AM a writer”

This short statement will trigger a reaction in your brain to believe you are a writer, not only will you start taking steps to fulfil this new notion of self, you will also live and breath writing, the only thing missing is what sort of writer you want to be.

I wonder if Shakespeare waited for someone to give him permission to become a writer,  had he waited, would we have his wonderful literary works?

So whatever you want to become, start by adjusting your self talk and get some emotion behind it, let your heart fill your desires.

Another example:  “I AM a wonderful person worthy of love and affection”.

This sentence will start changing the way you see yourself, there will be a lot of hurt and pain from past experiences finally put to rest, there are a lot of things that have happened to us that induced self-doubt and any other negative feelings, but understanding the power of I AM with a positive affirmation is one powerful tool.

6. Be positive about the Future – The law of Attraction

you are what you think

As a man think eth so shall he be Proverbs

We bring about what we think about most, and this is also related to the ‘law of attraction’ and this is why we have to cultivate a garden filled with positive thoughts no matter how dire the circumstances. The human race is facing challenging times at present, but we must remain a beacon of light to provide hope for others, by having a cheerful & positive attitude and expecting only the best will help us navigate through the adversities of the game of life.

Positivity is contagious and I have observed my wife bring about so much beauty and good will from others and in her own delicate way she is such a great teacher.

After all is said and done, your life, your call