Five Ways to Recognize the Best Talent in Your Company

Five Ways to Recognize the Best Talent in Your Company

Five Ways to Recognize the Best Talent in Your Company

You already know that a business cannot run without the best talents. Talented employees are a sleek gem that your company cannot do without. But unless they are identified and rewarded for being the best motivating factor that propels your business, they may not be productive nearly as much. In the heart of it all, you need to recognize, motivate, and award talents that enhance growth as well as guarantee the profitability of your company over time.

But who is the best talent to begin with? Well, they are people who have the skills, authority, and credibility required to push your company forward, regardless of the market rivalry. They are the people who make important and focused business decisions. Here are five ways by which you can recognize the talents.

1. Pay Attention to High Potential, not just Performance

We know for a fact that performance is the number one aspect of identifying the most talented employee. But that is not always enough. While paying attention to performance, you also need to determine the potential of the person in question. By definition, a potential is a driving force that motivates an individual to do great work and exploit their full potential.

pay attention to potential

By paying close attention to the potential of an employee, you are able to determine who is a cut above the rest in terms of aptitude, desire to grow, as well as their actual growth potential.

2. Determine an Individual's level of Engagement at the Workplace

One of the things you can never do is to judge the performance and the potential of an individual from the face value. If anything, you need to keep a closer eye on them. What you are actually doing is silently conducting a background check on someone to measure their level of engagement in the company.

determine employee engagement

A highly engaged employee is always willing to help a company achieve its expected growth, irrespective of the returns they get as benefits. In fact, they always show interest in going beyond what is expected of them to enable a company to achieve its growth.

3. Identify the Catalysts and Separate them from Watchers

To be honest with you, your company has two types of people: those who make things happen and those who wait for things to happen. You know those who see things happen are just the watchers. That means they don't possess the leadership skills that you can really depend on to take your company to the next level.

improve employee engagement

Alas, you need to pay more attention to the catalysts. They are the talents that will do anything - whatever it takes - to enable your company to move to the next level over time. Overall, the thing that makes them best is they often take part in the decision-making process, and implement the right strategies to make your business great.

4. Talented Individuals are Always Accountable

talented individuals accountable

Accountability has more to it than just identifying with assigned tasks. It is also about being part of a solution to the company's problems. If you see an individual always willing to take a step forward and help solve problems impacting your company negatively, then you know for sure they are the best talents that you need.

5. The Best Talents often have Multitasking Skills

best talents have multitasking

Have you ever worked with someone who is always willing to do something extra although the additional role is not on his or her list of responsibilities? Your company cannot lose that great talent for sure.