9 Ways to Build Confidence at Workplace

9 Ways to Build Confidence at Workplace

9 Ways to Build Confidence at Workplace

A workplace is commonly related to stress. Stress germinates in the absence of capabilities and potential. Capabilities and potential get a hard blow in the lack of confidence. Hence, confidence is one of the vital ingredients to get rid of stress and to succeed and sustain at the workplace. You tend to become vulnerable when you do not have confidence.

Haven’t you surprised yourself by achieving a complex task based on your sheer confidence though you lacked the technical knowledge? Yes! that’s the power of confidence I am talking about. Confidence is not what we all are born with but we acquire it through learning at each and every stage. Here are 9 ways to build confidence at the workplace:

1. Educate Yourself by Asking Questions

educate yourself

If you do not have enough knowledge and idea about carrying out a work, your start losing confidence which is definitely going to hamper your work. Do not be shy or conserved in asking questions. You must extract every bit of knowledge you need to perform the task successfully, by probing into the matter.

2. Celebrate Your Achievements

celebrate your achievements

However, big or small your achievement may be at your workplace, celebrate it. Tell your parents, friends and colleagues about it. It will make you feel good and the appreciation you receive will definitely build your confidence. Announcing about your achievements is not bragging but in today’s competitive world it's considered as a tool to sell yourself. Why would anyone trust you with bigger tasks if they are not aware of your accomplishments? So, celebrate each big and small success.

3. Take Criticism with a Positive Attitude

accept criticism

Criticism is a part of workplace system. Instead of getting discouraged by criticism, utilize it for your growth by improving on the shortcomings cited. Your confidence level will melt away if you cry foul over criticism but you can build your confidence by overcoming the fault of yours thereby, making yourself more eligible for bigger projects and tasks.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

surround your self with positive people

You may encounter two types of people at your workplace; one who think negative and speak negative and second who have the positive approach towards people and endeavors. It’s not rocket science to understand that people with a positive attitude will help build your confidence while the other type will bring down your performance by planting negative thoughts in you thereby diminishing your confidence.

5. Always Ask for Feedback

ask for feedback

The more you learn about yourself and your work, the more you try to excel. It’s a good practice to always ask for honest feedback. It encourages you to correct your mistakes and do right things. You are sure to build your confidence by doing right things. You must have noticed that best of best restaurants also asks for feedback in order to improve their services. Ask and take feedback constructively.

6. Acknowledge the Fact that Humans are Prone to Mistakes

acknowlege mistakes

The sooner you accept the fact that we all make mistakes, the better for you. Do not lose confidence just because you made a mistake. Everyone does. Even the most successful people made many mistakes in their lives. The strength lies in learning from mistakes and rising further.

7. Show Your Inquisitiveness in front of Your Bosses

show inacquitance infront of your boss

Project yourself as a curious soul at your workplace. You should be keen to learn and perform tasks in your capacity. By staying inquisitive, you learn more and by learning and knowing more you become more confident. Your confidence will earn you more assignments and hence more visibility.

8. Socialise


Meet and talk to people at your workplace, not only about work but also about various other topics. It gives a sense of belongingness and you feel much more confident. Isolation brings depression whereas company of people makes you happy and boosts your confidence.

9. Be Open in Accepting Your Boundaries

be open in accepting boundaries

Do not bite more than you can chew. It is ok to be open in accepting your limit instead of pushing yourself in a task which is much beyond your ability. You are bound to lose confidence if you are not able to perform the task.

With confidence, you can do the undoable so, ponder over these nine ways and boost your confidence at the workplace.