5 Mistakes to Avoid after You are Denied a Promotion at Workplace

5 Mistakes to Avoid after You are Denied a Promotion at Workplace

5 Mistakes to Avoid after You are Denied a Promotion at Workplace

When you put in your energy, time, hard work, dedication and achieve all your tasks within a stipulated time frame, you feel you are worthy of a promotion. When the time comes, you are anticipating a hike in the title and your pay, but what happens if it your dream promotion isn’t granted to you? It is natural to feel disheartened and dejected. But in that negative emotion, people tend to overreact in ways which are not very healthy and considered unprofessional.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid after you are denied a promotion at workplace

1. Don’t Lose Your Cool

dont lose your cool

The worst thing to do is to lose your cool after being denied a promotion and stomp in your senior’s office and throw a fit, which might feel well-deserved to you. No matter what you are going through, whether you feel their decision was unfair and biased, it is unprofessional and uncalled for that you wage a riot in the company. It is important that you keep a check on your anger and emotions.

2. Don’t Vent to Your Colleagues

dont vent to your colleagues

While venting out is good for you, as it helps you release your frustration and anger, doing so with your peers and colleagues is not a good idea. Because as close as they might seem, such things always have an uncanny way of making it to the boss’s ears and that might not be too good for you. Vent it out on someone from outside the company. But doing so in the company can even prove to be harmful for your career.

3. Don’t Take Hasty Decisions

dont take hasty decisions

Many a times when you are denied a chance or a promotion that you have been waiting for and which you feel worthy of, it can hurt bad and at such times, you clearly don’t think patiently and may end up taking hasty decisions that might prove harmful in the longer run. The best thing to do would be to just soak yourself into your work and refrain from taking any big decisions which you might regret later. Give yourself some time, a week or two at least, to get over the development.

4. Don’t Snub off the Person Promoted 

person promoted

Many a times, when you are so clearly blinded by the heart and your brain isn’t functioning in the right manner, you begin to see the person who got promoted as your enemy. You clearly snub him off, talk loose about him directly or indirectly and see him with eyes full of rage and hatred. Well, don’t do that. Because others are noticing and it doesn’t leave you in a very good light. Hence, be professional about the entire matter and don’t forget to offer the person your congratulations.

5. Don’t Give an Ultimatum 


You lost out on the promotion and you feel cheated. Fair enough!  But that doesn’t mean you threaten or give an ultimatum to your boss about resigning or any other confidential matters of the organization.  It could kill your career graph and you won’t be left with too many good recommendations.

While it's natural to mourn the loss of a promotion, keeping these points in mind may just get you considered for the next big one.