10 Handy Tips to Avoid Alcohol

10 Handy Tips to Avoid Alcohol

10 Handy Tips to Avoid Alcohol

While many people enjoy a social drink occasionally, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But, there are some people who feel addicted to alcohol and that’s when it starts impacting your overall health. The liver is one of the body organs that experiences maximum damage due to the consumption of high quantities of alcohol on a regular basis and damaged liver may lead to serious ailments. Thus, it is vital to keep a check on the amount of alcohol that you consume.

If you are also struggling with the alcohol addiction, here are the 10 handy tips which will help you to keep yourself away from alcohol and avoid it completely.

1. Don’t Keep Alcohol at Home or Office

alcohol at home or office

When it's easy to reach, it becomes very difficult to avoid. But, when the alcohol is out of reach and you have to make significant efforts to reach for it, you may sometimes avoid consuming it.

2. Avoid Salty Snacks With Your Drinks

salty snacks with your drinks

When you take salty snacks with your drinks, you feel, the more thirsty and thus, gulp more drinks which can be harmful to your health. So, in order to reduce the intake of alcohol, stay away from the salty snacks.

3. Develop A Hobby


If you develop a hobby and start indulging in it in your free time, that is, the evenings, you can avoid the intake of alcohol. Moreover, a hobby is a good stress buster and people who indulge in alcoholic drinks in order to overcome stress would also feel better.

4. Take A Break

take a break

Take a break while drinking. While it may sound a little weird, but make every second drink a non-alcoholic one. This will reduce your alcohol intake to half, and slowly you will stop craving for alcohol too much.

5. Sip Very Slowly

sip very slowly

It is one of the best tricks that work perfectly. Become a slow sipper, and as you will take more time to complete a drink, you will eventually end up consuming a lesser number of drinks. Indeed a great idea to avoid alcohol.

6. Choose Mocktails At Parties

mocktails at parties

Do not straight away head up for taking the pure alcoholic drinks or cocktails. These days, a variety of mocktails are served at parties. So, enjoy a few mocktails before you take your alcoholic drink. This way, you can reduce the alcohol intake.

7. Define Alcohol-Free Days

alcohol free days

Fix up a few days in the week as the non-alcoholic days and stick to your commitment. It is one of the best ways to reduce your alcohol consumption and avoid it. When you fix up a few alcohol-free days, you will find out other activities to indulge in and slowly you can increase the number of these free days in a week.

8. Do Not of the Notion That Alcohol Is Doing Something Good For You

 good for you

Most people have their own excuses to consume alcoholic drinks. For instance, some people assume that it gives them confidence, others consider it as a way of unwinding themselves while some think that alcohol helps them to release the stress. But, alcohol is not a solution to any problem in your life. As soon as you realize this, you will start depending less on alcohol.

9. Start Gymming

start gymming

When you start gymming and work hard to get a sculpted body, you start distancing yourself from the habits that ruin your health and body. One of these habits is the consumption of alcohol.

10. Switch to Drinks With Lesser Alcohol Content

switch to drinks

Another good way of reducing the consumption of alcohol is by switching your alcoholic drinks with the ones that contain a lesser amount of alcohol. For example, you can choose light beer, reduced alcohol wine or mocktails over strongly alcoholic drinks.

It's not easy to avoid alcohol and quit drinking. It becomes a lifelong struggle for a lot of people. So, stick to these tips and you will easily be able to avoid alcohol.