7 Steps to Use Anger Productively

7 Steps to Use Anger Productively

7 Steps to Use Anger Productively

Anger is at times considered to be a negative emotion. And why not? If allowed to be uncontrolled, anger can have a whole range of negative consequences on your personal and professional lives. But on the other hand, it is also important to understand that anger is just a normal human emotion. Like how people feel sad, happy, low, ecstatic, people also feel angry. And hence it is not a bad emotion. When channelized in a healthy and proper manner, anger turns out to be like any other normal human emotion.

Here are 7 ways in which anger can be used productively:

1. Don’t Suppress It

dont suppress it

When you know that you are a bit short-tempered and tend to lose your cool, you try and suppress the emotion, in order to not hurt anyone. But the suppressed emotion then comes out in a more violent or uncontrolled form of frustration. Hence, instead of suppressing it, acknowledge your anger and make a conscious effort to not lose control.

2. Let it Motivate You

let it motivate you

When left uncontrolled, anger can be quite destructive. But if you channelize your anger and use it to motivate you to achieve a task or a milestone in life, it can be quite healthy. Many a time, you don’t do certain things out of fear of the unknown or lack of self-belief. But anger is a strong emotion and when channelized well, it can be quite productive.

3. Clean Your Home

clean your house

Another way to channelize your anger is to redirect it into cleaning up your personal space or your house. When you do something that is physically demanding it helps release the negative emotion and at the same time you create a more pleasant environment at home. Clean and rearrange your closet or the cabinets, beat the dirt out of the rugs, vacuum all the rooms.

4. Do a Physical Activity

do a physical activity

Doing any form of physical activity can help you work out your anger. Go for a job or a brisk walk, mow your garden or just play with kids in the park.  Any form of outdoor physical activity is good as it creates a surge of an adrenaline rush.

5. Spur Societal Change

spur societal challenge

Anger is usually considered to be a personal emotion but when can be redirected in a healthy manner to work on societal causes such as for the betterment of orphans or slum kids, women’s rights and justification movement, it is well used.

6. Prove Someone Wrong

prove someone wrong

When someone doesn’t believe in your ability, it is bound to hurt you and make you angry. But instead of letting it affect your self-esteem or generating bitterness within you, use it to prove the person wrong. Apply your energies to proving yourself and your abilities.

7. Use it as a Power Tool

use it as power tool

As per various studies, people who show anger, instead of sadness or guilt, are seen with more respect and considered to be powerful. This is why many politicians and businessmen rely on anger to make them appear powerful.

While an excess of any emotion is not too healthy, when channelized properly, angry which is considered to be a negative emotion can be a healthy tool.