5 Signs You Have Toxic Employee

5 Signs You Have Toxic Employee

5 Signs You Have Toxic Employee

A successful company is not only about how good the executives manage cooperation with others company or how good the workers maintain the quality of a best product but it is also how good the leader leads their employee.

The leader should know each strength and weakness of his/her employee so the leader could build the best team to run company’s mission. One of big problem in a team is a trust between the member and the employee.

If the employees have good cooperation as well the trust, the company’s mission would run well but how if not? It is happened because one of the employees is not cooperative or they cannot be trusted.


They acknowledge themselves as ‘I-Know-Everything’ person. He/she wants to walk on their way without their partner. This kind of employee could be called as a toxic employee.

There are several signs or behaviors if your employee is the toxic employee that would be explained after this: bullying, blaming, procrastinating, gossiping, and offending.

The Bully

The first sign of toxic employee is a bully. This employee uses his/her ability to demotivate another employee. This person is happy to see somebody getting weaken every day.


It means their power is stronger than before. Toxic employee thirsts of attention. By bullying their partner, they could easily catch people attention because they are able to manipulate the condition as well.

They do not care what other people say even though their boss. The most important for them is they get the benefit of the company.

Blame Game

Besides bullying, this employee let other employees being blamed by another employee or their boss. This employee feels every single thing they do is right and another employee is always wrong.

employe  2

They do not like being blame for their mistake. They act like they are the most hardworking employees whom give all they have to the company. Then others employee include the boss feel lucky to have them.

You must be careful for this kind of person. They look good on the outside, but not their inside. Behind the scene story will begin by creating a rumor to make another employee is wrong.


Hmm, everybody whom read this word is directly thinking something bad. Exactly! Toxic employee usually delays the work by trusting the power of tomorrow is the best day to finish it.

customer loyality

Then tomorrow comes, but it is not the best day because something makes them feels bad. Another tomorrow day is coming and again it is not the best day to finish it. They procrastinate the work.

They also waste their time by yawning their job and spread how dull their job is to other employee and drag down other people’s productivity.


Toxic employee likes problems, issue, other people’s mistakes or other bad situation. They would make a bad story about somebody by mixing somebody’s personal life and spread it out to other employees.

angry women

Toxic employee usually starts their bad story with these words: ‘Do you know about that thing’. They believe this is a good situation. Yes, for the toxic employee but not for the others.

The others only feel the negativity from the bad story. The negativity would affect the others employee and would ruin the situation. This situation is what a toxic employee hopes.


There must be a regulation in a company and employee must obey it. But for toxic employee, that’s not the case. They look for the ways to disobey it. They will not do this alone, so they ask participation of to do the same, maybe not much at least two or three, just to make sure all regulations benefit them.


Sometimes they not only invite others to do such thing, but they are also using company advantages for their personal profit. It could be using office card to do shopping. By this condition, boss should be considered about your office card usage.

Dealing with toxic employee must be full of consideration. They clearly like a toxic for us and others employee because of negative vibes that their spread it out. We need to create a clear policy to protect our business from bad influences even though from our employee. We could also foster the good atmosphere such as trust.

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By having trust atmosphere of each employee, it could increase not only the productivity of employee but also the quality of product. Trust atmosphere is a positive vibe so this vibe is able to trigger employee to be more creative cooperative in doing their mission. Thus, trust atmosphere is beneficial for the company. Hence, as part of a company we should keep the trust atmosphere as well another beneficial thing that could be created around work’s environment to give the company advantages. When the company has many advantages, the employee will also feel the profit.