5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Weight loss is a controversial topic that has attracted different approaches, methods, techniques and opinions over the years. The truth of the matter is what might work for some, might not work for others.

Similarly, what may prove to be beneficial for men, might not work as well for women. But then, how DOES one lose weight fast and in a safe manner?

1. Stop Eating Junk Food

stop eating junk food

Well, for starters, start by eliminating junk food from your diet. The problem with junk food is that it consists of a lot of sodium, fatty acids, saturated fats and trans fats- all of which settle around the lower belly and give you that pooch. ( Healthy Food For Life )

2. Change Your Exercise Routine

change your exercise routine

Secondly, change your workout routine frequently. One mistake that most people make is that they stick to the same routine and so, their bodies get used to what they’re doing. However, if you switch things up every 10-14 days, you are likely to witness and experience faster weight loss.

Endurance training is an excellent way to lose weight fast. This entails lifting low weights but doing high repetitions. It will help you retain and tone muscle at the same time as well.

3. Follow Diet

follow diet

Thirdly, if you intend on cheating on your diet every now and then, don’t go all out. Also, go for healthy food choices, even when you’re cheating to avoid weight gain. For example, you can drink more milk or increase your intake of, say, potatoes or bread rather than going for sugary and/or fried foods.

4. Drink Water

drink water

Another tip to bear in mind is to drink water- and a lot of it. We lose fat more water than you might think we do. Not only does drinking water enable you to rehydrate yourself but it also helps get rid of toxins that actually cause you to gain weight in the form of fat, in an effective manner. ( Living Healthy with Mineral Water )

5. Interval Training

interval training

If you want to lose weight fast, you must also go for high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training is far more demanding and requires you to put in a lot of effort thus forcing your body to tap into its fat reserves for energy. This is why high intensity interval training has rapidly caught on as one of the best and fastest methods of weight loss.

Various bodybuilders, fitness coaches and trainers are incorporating high intensity interval training in their workouts, in some form or the other. A lot have seen positive results in a short amount of time due to this form of training.

Finally, be consistent and stay committed to achieving your goal of losing weight fast. This might sound like a very cliché thing to say and do but the truth is that most people, who wish to lose weight fast, aren’t able to do so because they feel it’d be alright to have ‘just ONE scoop of ice cream’ or ‘just one bite of frozen yoghurt when these foods can interfere with your weight loss goals and affect the pace at which you lose weight.