Importance of Having a Morning Rituals

Importance of Having a Morning Rituals

Importance of Having a Morning Rituals

If you look around at the world's most successful people today, you'll find out they all have one thing in common and that is they have a morning ritual. There are different ways people define morning rituals...but the basic idea is having a set of things you do every morning which help create a productive day.

It is commonly said "we are what we do." The habits we form show what kind of person we are as well as what kind of an individual we will be years from now.

1. Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early

How to Wake Up Early

First of all, waking up early is your guaranteed first Step to Success. There's something about the early mornings that make it so special. Most importantly, when you're up early, it's usually very quiet. That way, you can focus, meditate and reflect on your goals and accomplishments. One of the things most accomplished people do in the mornings is to pray or meditate.

Prayer is something I do first thing in the morning….it doesn't have to be long but just make sure you're connecting with your Creator, thanking Him for life and health and committing the day's work to His hands.

2. Read or Listen

Read or Listen

Listening an active engagement

If you start your mornings this way, you're bound to have a victorious day. The second thing most people do in the morning is usually read motivational quotes or listen to something motivational. It could be reading a book, or listening to an inspirational cd. Whatever it may be, it puts you in the right frame of mind; you start your day charged up knowing you have everything it takes to overcome the challenges of that day.

You could also read famous quotes from inspirational icons or watch short motivational YouTube videos by motivational speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield etc. Whatever you need to keep you encouraged and inspired for the day, do it. For you, it might be putting on your favourite music or watching comedy shows….anything to put you in a good mood is worth it. You'll find out that if you start your day happy, you'll usually end your day happy and fulfilling.

3. Fitness


Fitness Motivational Quotes

The next thing to do is exercise. This is what a lot of successful people do in the mornings. I've read lots of morning rituals of successful people from Oprah Winfrey to Joel Osteen to Steve Harvey and their rituals are all very similar. Why? These rituals help the mind, not only physically but mentally.

It helps discipline the mind and if you can get disciplined in these little areas of life, you're headed for success. So, exercise is very can't be overemphasised. Apart from the fact that it keeps you fit and healthy, it helps you psychologically. The brain needs a good spark in the morning and exercise is a perfect way to get your mind in tune for the day's work.

4. Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Healthy Food For Life

Lastly, morning rituals are non-effective without a healthy breakfast. A lot of people tend to skip breakfast for different reasons, for some to lose weight, others might think it's not important or some might not feel hungry at that time in the morning just like me. But, having good morning rituals is all about discipline and most times discipline involves doing things that aren't pleasant to you right now but a benefit to you later.

Eating a healthy breakfast will help keep the brain alert and thus will increase productivity levels at work. Drink lots of water and don't forget to always review your goals for that day afterwards.

Remember, you don't have to follow this exact pattern; people are different so it's important to find what fits you best and stick to it. These morning rituals help in putting you in the right state to accomplish your day's goals.