Visualisation Techniques In Life and Business

Visualisation Techniques In Life and Business

Visualisation Techniques In Life and Business

It’s a tough world out there now days. I mean, it’s beautiful and full of constant wonders, but also pretty tough at times. People are much more competitive these days and a lot of people thrive off telling another that they cannot achieve their dream, or that they’re not good enough.

In today’s climate, both in personal and business life, the key is having that one secret weapon. The one thing that no one can take away from you as long as you don’t let them. It’s called your visualisation.

1. Vision


In Vision Lies The Key To Success

Now I’m not one to suggest that you cover your mirror in lovely images such as sunrises and adorable puppies, although if that’s your thing then go ahead. I’m talking about that mental visual you have of the way your life is heading. We all have a vision in our minds, that’s a fact. The problem arises when some of us dismiss these visions as unrealistic or ‘silly.’ Who told you that? Who told you that your vision is either of those things? If the answer is no one then even more of a reason to push yourself to make that vision a reality.

If someone has told you that your vision is unrealistic then my next question is why do you believe them? It’s your vision. It’s not for anyone to tell you either way. It is whatever YOU decide it is and my advice is to always believe that you WILL turn your vision in to a reality. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... If I can do it then so can you.

2. Unique


Unique Business Ideas

A very brief recap for anyone who didn’t catch my previous Success Story instalment. I was a homeless teenager living in a van. That was it. No direction, no specific guidance on what to do with my life. No major qualifications. So what was left? Well, I had me, myself and I. That was the best start I could have asked for. Because with that came my mind; the thing that was totally unique to me and the thing that gave me the most control in my journey.

A tool if you like. And this tool allowed me to dream. It allowed me to believe, which in turn motivated me & kept me excited every time I woke up, albeit in a freezing cold van having been moved on by the police!

3. Dream


Living Your Dream Life

It was my dream and my vision that inspired me to persevere. And I did not allow anyone to dismiss it. Because it was mine. Who cares if someone has an opinion on your vision?! Their opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is how you choose to bring it to life.

I did it by working hard & labouring whilst training in hairdressing which was my dream, in order to eventually open my first salon. I did it because I woke up every morning ready to work a little bit more on the vision. And that’s how you do it. Your vision. Your control. Your life. Your reality.

4. Compassion and Helping Others

Compassion and Helping Others

Common Myths About Learning

Let me wrap it up by telling you this; every single one of us in this world has a gift. We all do. Some of us are great artists, others are fantastic at showing compassion and helping others, it doesn’t matter what it is but we all have something we are blessed with, no matter how big or small. And we are lucky enough to have the most powerful tool around; the mind. Use it.

Use it to create your vision. And then each day that you wake, give your thanks and use your mind to step by step turn that vision in to your reality. Even if it helps you by sticking those photos of all the niceties in life all over your wall to instil some inspiration in you, do it.

Do whatever it takes and enjoy the power that comes with having something so unique to you, and something that gives you so much control, that you never listen to anyone who tells you it can’t happen.