Be Confident Without Being Utterly Unbearable

Be Confident Without Being Utterly Unbearable

Be Confident Without Being Utterly Unbearable

Confidence doesn’t mean that you have to be arrogant. Bragging about yourself do not show your confidence or means that you are cool. Confidence is not about drawing everybody’s attention but it’s an art of being true to yourself. Commanding attention does not require you to be arrogant or raise your voice. The trick here is to master the art of confidence by being humble at the same time.

Here are few tips to be confident while not being utterly unbearable to other people.

1. Show Confidence with Humility


Speaking about yourself without boasting is what we call humble confidence. That means you are really keen to learn more. During any conversation you simply don’t need to speak about yourself all the time or be a leader on all occasions. Knowing when to talk humbly rather than arrogantly puts you into advantage of getting advisors and mentors which will open up the doors to new learning.

2. Less Talking and More Listening

less talking and more listening

When you talk too much, that means you are hiding something. And people who are confident can see that you are feeling insecure and bragging. Try to be transparent during any conversation, try to listen what other people are saying rather than just keep talking. Be true to yourself, everybody gets nervous or insecure at some point.

3. Speak Slowly and with Purpose

speak slowly with a purpose

When you speak about yourself or share your experiences with others that simply mean, that you want others to get benefitted out of it. Speaking slowly will give you the required time to choose your word carefully and at the same time stay humble. Others can understand your point in a better manner and the purpose behind the conversation.

4. Avoid Conversational Fillers

avoid conversational fillers

When someone asks you something, try to be as relevant as possible. Talking about yourself or joining other irrelevant conversation to the topic will make you sound like less confident and might irritate the other person. Do not beat around the bush by just connecting to the other topics. Such situations may arise during an interview or in office review meetings.

5. Curb you Voice

curb you voice

A person who is arrogant will always try to make others feel that he is better than them. That sounds cocky and unbearable. Limiting your voice or maintaining a pitch actually shows how confident you look while talking to someone. Forcing yourself into any conversation will make you sound unnatural. This will also show that you are not confident about what you are talking.

6. Know when to Stop

know when to stop

It’s not all about you. During any conversation when you see that the other person has more knowledge about the subject, it’s always better to stop speaking or bragging about yourself and listen to what other person is saying. This will show that you are transparent about your knowledge and beliefs and will help you to learn new things.

Being confident is important, but staying humble will help you remain confident in life. Skills along with humanity help build confidence. Applying these tips will certainly help you to make confidence an attribute of your life.