35+ Free Team Building Activities

35+ Free Team Building Activities

35+ Free Team Building Activities

It is difficult to survive alone in this world; you need to be co-operative and compatible. These features can be inculcated, when you are in the company of others. Free team building activities mentioned here will help you, to promote the characteristics of being together in collaboration with others.

1. Group Discussions

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Provide everyone a chance to present their views. Healthy discussions groom the personality and capability of the team members, enabling them to put their best foot forward.

2. Ice Breaking Activity

The leader is supposed to present a situation to the members and they have to present a question regarding the situation. The suitable question will enable to know who is more knowledgeable and talented.

3. Guessing

Distribute pictures of petty things and let the team members guess to whom it belongs. The maximum right answers given by the team will be the winner and this will help to know each other in a better way.

4. Con logo

Tell all the members to empty their pockets and make a logo on their own out of the things in front of them within a given time period. This encourages creativity and speed.

 5. Music competition


Music can be played in the background or pictures of known personalities or events can be displayed and the members have to guess its particular name. The maximum correct answers given by the team will be the winner.

6. Blindfold

A member of the team has to catch other members with eyes blind folded or look for things by following instructions. It enhances the power of grasping and listening.

7. Team work

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 It is a group task to reach the fruit or any target hanging high which is out of reach. The team members have to make strategies to achieve it by making circles and standing on each other to reach the top. It is an activity where team collaboration is essentially required.

8. Jigsaw puzzle

Solving puzzles bring team members more close to each other and make them more cooperative.

9. Musical chairs

Music is played and everyone has to run around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to occupy the chair; the person without the chair is out of the game. It enhances presence of mind.

10. Truths and lie

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Everyone should write two truths and one lie about themselves convincing others that your lie is true and you also need to question others regarding their lie. With the help of votes, you get to know whether the lie told is true. This helps to come close to each other and be familiar with each other.

11. Debate

A topic is given and everyone is given a chance to contradict the views of each other regarding the pros and cons of the given subject.

12. Problem solving

Members are given a complicated fake problem and have to make strategies to solve it. This develops cooperation among the members and brings out the best out of them.

13. Sneak peak

The leader of the team is given a few seconds to have a view of the sculpture and then he has to give instruction to his members to make a replica of the sculpture. The game continues until the duplicate of the sculpture is made, this promotes problem solving and communication skills among members

14. Classify team members

Find out the likes and dislikes of the individuals and put them in groups of the same caliber. This creates compatibility between each other.

15. Puzzle problem

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Cut down a  picture in squares as many as team members giving each piece of the picture to everyone and tell them to draw five times bigger than the original one in a few seconds and then assemble the whole picture drawn by individuals. Contribution of every individual is necessary for an overall group result.

16. Giving instructions

 It enhances listening and the habit of following instructions. Scatter the things indoors and outdoors. Give instructions to the person blindfolded to collect them and put it in a box. The team which takes less time is the winner.

17. Zoom

The pictures are distributed to the team members related to a story in a sequel order and let members study the picture carefully. Later on, the members are told to place the pictures in order without looking. They can discuss with each other about what is featured in their picture to complete the story. It brings the team members together.

18. Balloon activities


Different balloon activities done with the balloon gives fun and brings the members close to each other.

19. Tug of war

Team work is required in this activity to win. The members of the team have to pull the rope against each other. We can see skills like cooperation, tactics and strength of the team here.

20. Creating a new activity

Groups are welcomed to design and present novel activities which enhances creativity, communication and cooperation along with strategies.

21. Occupying space

Members of the team have to occupy the diminishing space one by one. It is a team building activity which needs physical support.

22. Quotes regarding team building

Within a given time period, teams are required to make their own team building quotes. After voting, the best quote is chosen. Mental caliber of the members can be judged.

23. Filling the drum

The team which fills the drum with the water from the tank in less time is the winner. Coordination of team members makes them the winner.

24. Cards


Distribute a pack of poker cards and some other materials telling the teams to construct a build a tower with those limited things. This stimulates creativity and bonding among the members.

25. Writing synonyms

Give a word to the teams and tell them to write synonyms in a given time. The maximum synonyms written by the team is the winner. Cooperation and intelligence is required in this game by all the team members.

26. Outdoor activities

Boating, kayaking, trekking and mountain climbing activities instill cooperation and coordination among the team members.

27. Untangle human knot

Let all the members stand in a circle and tell them to raise their right hand and hold the hands of different person. Do the same with their left hands. The hands should not be of the same person. It would seem to untangle with each other. You should not leave hands otherwise you will have to start again.

28. Making pairs


Write down the pairs like salt and pepper: Yin and Yan, black and white etc. and tape it at the back of the other person without letting him know what is written on his back. Then everyone will go to each other and ask questions with giving answer only in yes or no to find out their partners. This enhances the ability of questioning among the team members.

29. Asking simple questions

Ask simple questions related to the premises of their work place like how many steps are there in the building or color of tiles, the strength of the office, and the brand of the computers in the office. These trivial questions test the observation power of the team.

30. Building tower

This is work of collaboration with a few simple things like uncooked spaghetti sticks, a string, a roll of tape and marshmallow. The team members have to build a tower which should stand for five seconds without the support of hands or others objects. Cooperation and coordination unites the team.

31. Masterpiece


You need to give a chance to every team member to fill the pre drawn canvas with different colors and display it throughout your workplace. It is a simple ice breaker and team bonding.

32. Company’s mission statement

The team members need to work in collaboration to create the best mission statement for their company. The best is awarded as it brings out the creativity of the team.

33. Represent your company

For team bonding, you can ask the teams to draw the achievements of your company, something reflecting your company’s values or the future agenda of the company.

34. Plane crash

It helps build collaboration skills and problem solving skills. You can tell the members to collect a limited numbers of items from the office which will assist them to make a shelter in a desert after the plane crash. First, individuals should collect the items and then the team should work on it, ranking it in order and come to a conclusion.

35. Spider web

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Tape the strings across the doorway at the height of three and a half feet and five feet. Tell the members to cross the strings without touching the strings and later on keep on adding more strings to increase difficulty. This enhances creativity and problem solving skills.

There are end numbers of team activities which motivate every individual to participate, be cooperative and creative.