Importance of Praising and Recognising your Team Members

Importance of Praising and Recognising your Team Members

Importance of Praising and Recognising your Team Members

Recognition and appreciation is a very basic psychological need of human being. Everyone wants to be praised for their qualities, exceptional skills or outstanding performance. In an organizational set up when an employee or a team shows good behavior or takes extra efforts for their job, helps in revenue generation which is aligned with company values and goals, it’s a duty of management to appreciate these efforts to encourage an employee or a team. When an employee gives results beyond what is expected from their job, it has to be appreciated.

Employee Recognition goes a Long way

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Rewards & Recognition Done Right

When an employee gets due appreciation for his good work through employee recognition program, he gets an assurance that his efforts are been valued in an organization. He gets motivated to give more to a company and thus it increases his productivity. He becomes more confident about his way of working or behavior and wants to exhibit same behavior or performance throughout his tenure in a company.

Employee wants to be Praised

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Qualities Employees look for in Leaders

Every employee has certain expectations from his team members and management. When he feels that his contribution towards his work or company progress has not gone in vein he feels happy. Happy employee is a productive employee. Employee wants to be respected in a company. An organization that encourages employee recognition programs and acknowledges their work is considered as best place to work. Employee recognition program helps to create good work environment in a company. Employee praise gives an employee a sense of achievement. Employee wants a pat on back from his seniors and a good clap from his colleagues.

Build Trust among Employees


Build Teamwork

When employee feels that his company is taking note of his every small or big contribution towards company’s progress it develops a trust in employee about his company. It also encourages other team members to give their best towards their work because everyone wants to be in limelight. It also encourages healthy competition among coworkers.

Cost- benefits Ratio of Employee Recognition


If we do careful analysis of cost involve in employee recognition and benefits reap out of it, the cost is very low and benefits are huge.


  • Employee praising certainly leads to more satisfaction and joy at work. Employee wants to spend most of his time focusing on the task than complaining.
  • The employee gets direct feedback for his work so he gets encouraged to give same performance again and again.
  • A quality work leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • It helps in retention of high performers and weeds out low performers.
  • Lower chances of accidents and negligence at work place.
  • More initiatives come from employees for self development and learning.
  • Employees become more concerned to give best than to get involved in office politics.


  • The costs involve in time taken to prepare and implement recognition program then money spend on recognition item is quite low.
  • Along with praising employee in front of all in company functions, a spontaneous praising at the time of work is very effective.
  • Sincere thanks are considered as more valuable than a tangible gift by most of employees.
  • Employees love the personally written letters and emails from the people they respect in company. Day to day recognition have immediate and powerful impact in maintaining consistent behavior and performance at work.