10 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

10 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

10 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Staff, team members and workforce are essential factor of successful business. Even separate high quality individuals within a team will not make up any success without good management and leadership.

Less motivated team will be stucked in the way to achieving goals and members will bear emotional burdens and misunderstanding that sacrifice overall business goals. On the other hand, good and motivated team will find meaning and value to develop in the organization.

Below are 10 ways to motivate your team within your business organization.

1. Pay What People Deserve


Ways to Organize a Workplace

Payment comes necessarily in various forms such as salary, incentive, and bonus. Such payment is very important in workforce employment and team building. Payment represents your member’s importance within the organizations.

Simply the higher, more important, more experienced staff deserves higher salary, incentive and bonus. Unfair payment decreases team motivation, loyalty and satisfaction in their performance.

The best advice is to pay wage rate as fair as possible according to wage rate and working level.

 2. Appreciate Achievement

appreciate achievement

Ways to Stay Motivated

Appreciation is important to mark tMaximize Your Potentialhat members are contributive in organization’s progress. Appreciation is very effective to keep staffs motivated and stimulated to make further progress. Appreciation comes in a number of ways. For example, you can just give praise or congratulate your team when they make any contributing effort to progress.

Formally, appreciation can be given in material and financial form like gift, incentive and bonus

3. Maximize Nice Working Environment

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Maximize Your Potential

Working environment is really influential to your mood and enthusiasm. To keep your team motivated and progresive in working performance, create pleasant and comfortable circumstances. Make sure that your office are neat, clean and well arranged. Create structured space arrangement for meeting room, staff room, chairman room and staff room that are well-circulated. Also, to boost teamwork performance, make sure that essential working device and tools are reachable and well-organized. In addition, to make your environment lively, you can place motivational message, organization visions as well as personal positive marks on the wall or doors to keep the team motivated.

4. Share Vision and Goals


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It is very often that a team is not acknowledged with the organization goals to pursue and they simply perform regular working routine instead. Lack of common value of goals and vision significantly decreases team motivation. A business organization does not necessarily have to sustain particular philosophy, but a clear set of goals under acknowledgement will be helpful in maintaining team’s motivation.

You can enforce regular meeting to remind your team with the vision. Besides, you can enforce circumstance with printed vision and goals to let the message influence working environment.

5. Offer Considerable Opportunities to Grow

offer considerable opportunities to grow

Grow Up Your Ideas

It is very often that a team member is no longer motivated and satisfied when they do things out of their capabilities. Comparatively, not giving member task they are capable of will also decrease their morality. Professional development and personal progress are all that matters for a team. 

As a superviser, maintain careful understanding of your team capacity and give them tasks that fit with it whenever possible. Opportunities will help them develop and feel valuable for the team.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration

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Do not forget to always maintain teamwork in doing task. Involving the entire team in finishing tasks will give the achievement more value. Teamworking creates understanding and solidarity among team; it also give chance to member to perform their capacity; also it makes all member of the team feel contributive and appreciated.

7. Maintain Refreshment

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Maintain Healthy Relationships

Do not push your team to stuck in working activities. Refreshment and changing of situation are important to boost working performance. You can do this with your team by celebrating success or achievement with little diner party. Also, you can arrange outbond activities or family holiday to celebrate business achivement over certain period of time. Such agenda is helpful to create excitement and happiness among team members.

8. Avoid Punishment

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Stop Punishing Yourself

Whenever team members make mistake, do not directly give punishment. Uderstand that such mistake is part of their process in understanding the nature of your business. Punishment will decrease their motivation to continue and make progress.

On the other hand, emphatic communication and acknowledgement will help them grow better and make professional progress in their career.

9. Sustain Exciting Nuance

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Steps to Being Happy 

Nuance and mood are important in working performance. Exciting nuances among team member will create happiness and enthusiasm in their performance. To create such excitement, maintain friendly communication with humour and jokes instead of authority tone. Such friendly and itimate relationship among team members will create high working motivation.

10. Maintain Communication

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Communication for Success

Failure of commmunication leads to failure of teamworking. It is very often that different position separates team in authoritive communication rather than friendly communication. Remember to always maintain communication to create understanding of problems, goals and expectation among team members.

Enforce every form of task to establish understanding so that team will ackowledge their role and importance in the organization.