10 Most Popular Small Business Ideas of 2016

10 Most Popular Small Business Ideas of 2016

10 Most Popular Small Business Ideas of 2016

If you are one of the innovative minds who wish to become the boss of their own by doing something out of the box then probably this is the best time for you. India is presently in a stage where the funds are pumping in every sector and there is a scope for a new business to flourish depending on the niche and customer targets.

Many aspirants dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur but only a promising sector and the required capital is not enough for a business to flourish. It is the right foundation that reaps you high profits and let you fly high in the sky. From foundation, we refer to the sparkling idea that forms the very base of your business. If you too aspire to be the business man or woman of the year, here are a few ideas that will reap for hefty benefits and become highly popular in 2016:

1. Homemade Cakes & Pastries

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With the people becoming more hygiene conscious, home made things are high in demand. If you have hands for sugar, you might try selling your bakery creations to the people. As per the stats, people prefer homemade bakery items over commercials. So, why not encash the opportunity? Just learn to make your cakes a little more impressive and occasion specific and watch your kitty go fully with the profits.

2. Clothing Ideas

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If you are the one with a creative mind for clothing then you might try it as an occupation. With the fashion fevers going high, people usually prefer to wear clothes that are trendy and in line with the recent styles. Deliver them the best and make it available online. With an additional service of customization and delivery at home, you can earn handsome profits through your passion trade.

3. Cleaning Services

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Everybody needs their workplace or home to be clean and hygienic but maintain a housekeeping group is tough. Why not grab this opportunity by offering people cleaning and housekeeping services. Make a website and form a housekeeping team that will help you deliver the services.

4. Social Media Jobs

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You must be a social media freak, in fact, who isn’t? But little do you know about the various social media jobs that have the ability to earn you money. Yes, there are many companies that pay you for managing their social media accounts.

5. Event Coordinator

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Organizing an event involves many responsibilities. From finalizing the venue to managing the guest list, a host had to look over each and everything. Here you can help a host by offering them to coordinate their event. This is a very high paying job as almost all the companies organize numerous events every now and then.

6. Gym Instructor

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The modern lifestyle has made half of the population obese. To stay in shape, 90% of the individuals seek the route of the gym. In such scenario, owning a gym and becoming a gym instructor might enable you to earn good money.

7. DJ

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For the music lovers, this is the best job. Music is the lifeline of every event and the hosts seek experts to manage music in their events. With the knowledge of music and disk jocking, you can become a DJ for such events.

8. Build Models

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If you are an art lover & love doing those do-it-yourself projects at home then there are many buyers waiting for you in the market. People are nowadays inclined towards handmade artifacts so why not sell them what they want?

9. Cooking Instructor

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For those who love cooking and have taste in their hands, it is the right time to share their knowledge. There are many people who search for cookery classes to have good knowledge of the art.

10. Content Writer

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If you are a creative person that has a flair for writing then the content writing has a lot of scope for you. You can start a content writing firm and make your own group of writers who can deliver high-quality content to the organizations. 

We are sure that these ideas will enable you to excel your talent while earning the hefty profits from them. So if you are good in any of them and wish to become successful it is the right time to start.