Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Having a great team of professionals is not enough unless you start getting them to solve complex problems and bring out the best in them to the desk. Be it a particular project you are targeting, or just to keep the management on the toes, Team Building works best to produce instant results and understand where the team stands.

1. Human Knot

human knot

The group members are asked to stand in a circle, and they need to hold hands together. When you are holding hands, the person should not be next to you. By this process, you need to form a circle.

2. Survival


Both the teams are presented with a situation of the plane crash, and they have 12 useful items that they can rely on for their survival. The group is now required to rank them according to their survival value.

3. Shrinking Vessel

shrinking vessel

It is an exercise with a simple concept, but very effective for problem-solving along with building the required camaraderie. Teams are required to occupy a space that keeps on decreasing over a period of time.

4. Toxic Waste

toxic waste

Each team is required to transfer toxic waste matter, into a broad neutralization bucket using only the tools and the equipment provided. It can use cords and ropes, and the basic idea is not to drop any toxic waste.

5. Reversing Pyramid

reversing pyramid

The group stands in a pyramid shape and in a horizontal manner. It is a quick exercise and works well for a large group of people who can be further split into small groups to undertake this activity.

6. Zoom


For this activity, you will need the wordless following book “Zoom”. You need to hand out the picture to each participant, and the members need to use them in a sequence.

7. Create your Own

create your own

Where everyone fails, you can create your own problem-solving activity. Small groups of 3 to 4 people are created, and each one is required to set up their own problem-solving activity. It can fuel in creativity as well.

Problem solving gets to the core of the problem, includes decision making along with problem-solving. It also involves working on alternate courses of action. It requires some amount of practice and skill among the team members in the group. The idea is to work on the compound problem and come out with the best solution. Any organization is it big or small, can work on it without spending too many hours on it.