Benefits of Meditation that will shock, Startle, and Surprise You

Benefits of Meditation that will shock, Startle, and Surprise You

Benefits of Meditation that will shock, Startle, and Surprise You

Meditation is a magical and mysterious way to find calm in the midst of chaos. You don't have to light candles or chant “om” (all you need is a comfortable seat). Discover how meditation can improve your mood and mental strength in ten minutes or less.

1. Smile


Story Behind the Smiles

Meditation makes you happy.Appreciate stillness. You will learn to feel at peace no matter where you are and who you are accompanied by (OMG did I end a sentence with a preposition? – they will crucify me in the reviews!). Meditation teaches you the skill of detachment: letting go of your expectations so you can appreciate the process of achieving your goals (no matter how hard or frustrating it might seem to be sometimes)

2. Calm Down

Calm Down

Easy Ways To Overcome Laziness

Meditation prevents stress. The thoughts and feelings that trouble you will lose their power. Imagine something stressful, like being late for work. You might worry about how your boss will fire you during the drive. That isn't real. It's a story you made up inside your head! With practice, you'll be able to tell when you are kidding yourself (you’ll also learn how to deal with whatever disastrous thing the Universe decides to throw at you during the worst time possible because isn’t that how it always happens?).

3. Pay Attention

Pay Attention

 Meditation skyrockets your productivity. Being busy doesn't guarantee you are accomplishing anything that matters. You could check your inbox obsessively, but that would make a big dent in your efficiency. Research says it takes almost thirty minutes to refocus on the original task after every interruption. Makes you wonder why so many businesses insist on open office floor plans, doesn't it?

4. Hurt Less 

Hurt Less

Meditation heals nagging aches and pains. Perception is reality: the more you think about how much you hurt, the more you will hurt. Please note sickness and injury should always be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Meditation is a great supplemental treatment that you can do at home on top of the doctor’s orders (hint: it is especially effective for people who suffer with chronic pain that doesn't have a distinct cause).

5. Find Purpose

Find Purpose

How to Set Smart Goals in Life

 Meditation gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. Purpose is a fuzzy concept, but most people describe it as a life mission or ambition. It can be hard to make such an important decision when you have a million other things to do. Meditation gives you an opportunity to take a step back and view things from a different perspective. For bonus points, keep a diary or journal. Share observations about what you learned today or maybe even write short stories based on interactions with bosses, co-workers and customers that tickled you.

6. Practice Compassion

Practice Compassion

 Meditation turns you into a more kind and caring person. It's easy to get so consumed in your own life that you forget about the needs of others. Don't feel guilty. This is part of the human experience. We all have struggles. Only the specifics differ. To love others, you must first love yourself. People judge their feelings as “good” or “bad.” I used to do that too. Whew! How exhausting. Never again. Meditation taught me how to feel my thoughts without judging them one way or another. They come and go like clouds breezing by in the sky. No big whoop. ?

7. Improve Self-control

Improve Self-control

Smart Goals in Life

 Meditation minimizes strange impulses and compulsions. Don’t fidget. Resist the urge to scratch an itch. Ride every breath with the concentration of a surfer. Don't get irritated when your mind wanders: shift your attention back to the breath.

8. Make Better Decisions

Make Better Decisions

 Meditation prevents regret and the suffering it brings to your life. The ego is strong. It's hard to admit when you're wrong. If you stay humble and meditate every day, you'll learn to let go of limiting cognitive biases.

9. Recover from Addiction

Recover from Addiction

Addictions Apart From Smoking And Alcohol

 Meditation is a great addition to an addiction recovery plan for some. Cravings suck. It is tough to think about anything else. No wonder so many addicts relapse. It’s never easy to say, “No,” but meditation helps. Temptation is easier to manage when you’re ready for it.

10. Develop Mental Strength

Develop Mental Strength

Develop Inner Strength

 Meditation transforms you into a highly confident and resourceful person. It's nice to “think positive” and “hope for the best,” but let's not kid ourselves. If you want to be successful, you need to be the most mentally strong person in the room. Mental strength is an ability to persevere through a struggle or difficult and unusual situation that makes you feel tense and uncomfortable. Meditation will probably feel that way at first. Your thoughts will go in every direction. You won't be able to sit still. Does that sound horrible? Yes. Here's the good news. Stick with it and you will learn to love meditation as you practice (I promise).