Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Style  Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Have you ever caught yourself Positively Thinking “I need a new workout wardrobe! If I had more exercise-appropriate outfits, I’d exercise every single day!” Although this rationalization might sound like a futile attempt to justify fizzed-out fitness ambition, studies indicate that your “shopper” instinct might actually be on-target.

1. Effective Performance 


Recent evidence compiled by Northwestern University uncovers a psychological phenomenon researchers are calling “enclothed cognition,” which “suggests that the clothing people wear can trigger mental changes in attitude to positively affect their performance” . Or, in simpler terms: Look the part. Act the part.

2. Build Self Confidence


Just like your favorite Little Black Dress and strappy stilettos exude self-confidence on a first date, athletic shorts and a tank top with some catchy “fitspiration” phrase printed across the chest can mentally motivate you to engage in physical activity. According to this theory, it’s entirely plausible that applying the adage “dress for success” to your workout regimen could prove beneficial in overcoming a fitness slump.   

3. Art of Learning


For example, lacing up those sneakers might put you in the jogging mood. Slipping into a flexible pair of yoga pants might prompt you to learn a Sun Salutation sequence. Even opting for a sports bra might make you feel…well, sportier! Of course, you can’t rely on external conditions alone to change your mindset from “no-go” to “get up and go.” Cultivating a healthy, active lifestyle requires internal commitment, effort and resolve.

4. Healthy Lifestyle


However, outfitting your body for movement can, in fact, re-train your psyche to embrace physical exertion rather than grapple for excuses to avoid it. So, why let successful professional athletes with their Under Armour endorsements or celebrities flaunting Lululemon labels have all the fun? Snag some wearable “fitspiration” for yourself. Adding even just a few staple items to your closet could spur you beyond passively imagining a stronger, leaner physique toward actively making that goal a reality!

5. Get Suggestions


There’s no reason to break the budget either. Check out my suggestions for affordable yet functional athletic apparel.