4 Ways to Re Gain Your Emotional Intelligence

4 Ways to Re Gain Your Emotional Intelligence

4 Ways to Re Gain Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a very sensitive issue in today’s world. With people depending more on machinery people have lost connect and touch to the emotional side of life. Emotions don’t seem to play a vital role in the present time. People are so involved within themselves that they do not have time for emotions. It has become a robotic life.

You must be thinking what exactly emotional intelligence is. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotion as well as other peoples’ emotions. It is the ability to differentiate between the emotions that are being shown or felt and label them properly. It is an ability to control and manage our emotions. It helps to reduce stress and communicate effectively. Emotional intelligence affects a major part of your life on a daily basis. Emotional intelligence mainly is inclusion of the following skills.

1. Emotional Awareness


Emotional awareness is the capability to understand your emotions and use them effectively. It is not only about knowing your emotions but also understanding the emotions of the people around you. There is a thin line between emotions like hurt and angry, love and lust. You need to understand the difference and then act accordingly.

2. Harnessing Emotions


Harnessing emotions is keeping the emotions in control. It is important for a person to manage his emotions. Knowing ones weakness, strengths, values and will help a person develop. It is a reflection of all the inner thoughts and conversations going on in your mind. (Celebration of Strength and Beauty)

3. Social Awareness


Social awareness basically is to be familiar with the emotion of the people around you. These emotions help you understand the person better and build a healthy relationship. It will also help you communicate to the person better and you will get a better understanding of the person’s point of view. (Learn From Worlds Successful People)

4. Relationship Management

relation management

Relationship management can be a complicated topic. It is how you tend to influence people who are present around you. It is also the ability to solve any conflicts that arise between two people. You can have a clear perceptive of what do are you expecting and intend to achieve from your relationship with someone. ( Maintain Healthy Relationships)

Emotional intelligence helps you lead a healthy life and also grow in your career. Emotional intelligence is often confused with your habits and etiquettes. Emotional intelligence is not being positive, happy or staying calm in stress. Emotional intelligence is your capability to understand and relate to your inner emotions and the emotions of people around you. Emotional intelligence will surely help you relieve from the stress.

Emotional Intelligence Affects the Following

a. Performance


Your academic and work performance is affected by your emotional intelligence. It helps you motivate and lead the workplace towards achieving the targeted goals. (Overcome Fear of Failure)

b. Health


If you can’t handle stress there is a high chance of falling prey to health issues. This can be fought buy developing your emotional intelligence. You can create a more immune body system. You can avoid fatal health issues like heart problems, infertility, high blood pressure, etc. (Out of a Fitness Slump)

c. Mental Health


Stress can also give your anxiety and depression. You would have frequent mood swings and would be able to enjoy the moment you are present in. Developing and managing emotional intelligence helps you relieve from stress and lead a more happy and peaceful life. (Peace of Mind Achieves Happiness)

Emotional intelligence is not really a news discovery. It has been made clearer to be understood by people after years of research. It is a well known fact that if you are happy only then you tend to put in more focus on the work you are performing. You need to be relaxed and calm to obtain high results. Companies have started to conduct emotional intelligence tests for their employees to understand the mental state of their employees.


With the pace of the moving life and no time for emotions, it is becoming extremely impossible to be attached to people on a personal level. Developing emotional intelligence will resolve many issues and doubt that linger in your head while taking making important decisions. It will become easy for you to understand the requirements of the situation and how are you suppose to react to it. Lack of emotional intelligence can get you fired from a job even if you landed in the job because of your IQ level. The term emotional intelligence has been misused and given different interpretations according to the convenience of the people. (Start And End Your Day Feeling Good)

Development in the emotional intelligence can improve your personality, boost your confidence, increase the productivity individually and also on an organizational basis. So try to give yourself time and develop your emotional intelligence and improve your lifestyle. Move on to building a better environment, physical and mental health. You will definitely feel a difference in your life and achieve success.