Losing The Weight After Child Birth

Losing The Weight After Child Birth

Losing The Weight After Child Birth

The answer to that question is ‘’It is not a myth. You can actually lose the weight.’’ I am sure you are happy to hear this.  So what is the key or secret? The ‘key’ consists of two words: Balance and Optimization.

After the baby is born, the very first thing on your mind wouldn’t be to lose weight; you can count on that. It would be to sleep! You would hardly have enough rest at night because you have to wake up almost every hour and a half to feed the baby (either with breast milk or formula). This could go on for about six months.

1. Intension


At the back of our minds, however, we still have the intention to lose the weight. For those women who breast feed their babies exclusively, it is a bit worse because they have to eat and drink sufficiently if they want to give quality and good quantity of milk to their babies.

However, to continuously have sufficient and quality milk to give your baby for six months, you need to eat well and drink sufficiently.This could, of course, add to your weight gain unfortunately.

2. Balance


Most women, in the bid to lose weight,enter into really extreme and potentially harmful weight loss plans, such as ‘one meal a day diet (like my friend whose diary we peeked at above), ‘no carbs’ diet, ‘only fruits diet,’ excessively vigorous exercise.  ( Recipe for Recovery )

Eating a meal a day would mean you would be hungry for most of the day. Also, you need energy which you get from carbohydrate. Excessively vigorous exercise can break down your muscle cells which then release certain substances that can shut down your kidneys acutely (this is in extreme cases). The key to lose weight is a healthy balance of both diet and exercise. (Solve Your Eating Problems )

You can start like this: eat 3 healthy meals (no excess salt like in junk food, no processed foods) of small/moderate quantity a day and exercise 5 times a week (an hour and a half per session) not vigorously. If at any time of the day, you feel like eating something in between your meals, you can snack on an apple. It is low in calories and has fiber in its skin which is healthy for you and doesn’t cause weight gain. If however, you want to lose more weight (especially belly fat) and maintain your weight loss, you need to optimize your body.

3. Optimization


Optimization means to create an environment in your body that would allow your naturally occurring fat lowering hormone, which is already present in your body, to work. In other words, putting your body in the position that would allow the naturally occurring fat reducing hormone to take effect. This hormone is called leptin and the great part is that women have twice the amount of leptin that men have.

4. Leptin


Leptin is produced by your fat cells and it is the hormone that also lowers your appetite. It is the basis of optimization. Few weight loss program developers have grasped this truth and used it to put together weight loss programs that if you follow, you would not only lose weight remarkably, you would also maintain the weight loss.

I wish you good luck in your all your endeavors.