Put More Into The World Than You Take Out

Put More Into The World Than You Take Out

 Put More Into The World Than You Take Out

Films, television shows, magazines, the entertainment industry as whole, and media coverage conditions us all to define success as the opulent and glamorous Hollywood star or professional athlete way of life. So often, our society trains us to believe that the definition of success is material wealth, status, and fame.

As we buy into that popular definition, we start to envision success as this huge spectacle of enormous wealth, Lamborghinis, huge mansions, magazine covers, and super-models.Our culture conditions us to think of success as a process of earning, accumulating, and taking. But that mainstream definition of greatness is misguided.

“The Secret To Living Is Giving” –Tony Robbins

1. Massive Success

massive success

Success Secrets

It’s impossible to succeed on a huge scale without dedicating your life to a philosophy of giving to others.No two roads to success are exactly identical; “we are all the same, but different”. The principles that make people successful are always the same, and giving is one of the core principles that make super-success possible.

Massive success usually starts out with a vision of changing the world, making a positive difference in the community, or improving the lives of others in some way. Over the course of a great achiever’s career, that vision becomes the guiding philosophy the purpose that carries him or her to greatness.

2. Secret that Makes All Possible

secret that makes all possible

Behind Your success

All of the other accolades the wealth, the status, the advancement, and the fame are just side-effects of making a positive impact on the community.There are plenty examples of this powerful secret at work.Steve Jobs became great because instead of vying to make lots of money, he wanted to “make a dent in the universe.” And in striving to make his impact on the world, he made a lot of money in the process. But earning wealth was never his priority.

Jobs’ guiding philosophy was always to make a lasting impact through great technology. Everything else he earned was a positive side effect of putting more into the world than he took out.Motivational speaker, self-help writer, and Life coach

3. Achievement in Career

achievement in career

Make Your Dream Career 

Tony Robbins another great achiever succeeds on a huge scale because he lives by a philosophy of adding as much value as possible to the lives of others. Tony advocates for this secret to achievement in his bestseller Awaken The Giant Within. He says: “The key to wealth is to be more valuable. The single most important and potent way to expand your income is to devise a way to consistently add real value to people’s live, and you will prosper.”

Giving Putting More Into The World Than You Take Out is the secret to earning achievement, status, fame, and wealth on a huge scale.So the best approach you can take to succeeding is attaching yourself to a philosophy to making as much of a positive impact on the community as possible.

4. Make Yourself Worthy 

make yourself worthy 

Successful in life

Don’t spend too much energy focusing on the fruits of the success the wealth, status, and fame. Focus on giving. Give as much as possible. And all of those secondary accolades will eventually come into your life in big amounts as a side effect of making yourself valuable to your community.Givers tend to work harder and persevere longer than takers

If you want to follow in the footsteps of greats like Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins, giving is the secret for making it possible. Giving will carry you through challenges, setbacks, and defeats that it takes to win. Because as a giver, you are going to work harder, persevere longer, and attack your goals with more dedication than your taker-counterparts.

5. Set Your Goals High

set your goals high

Smart Goals in Life

People who give are generally more likely to get ahead.The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us is a bestselling book that supports this idea with research. In Drive, Pink uses scientific studies to argue that the most motivated people are driven by much deeper and more powerful forces than external rewards like money or material wealth.

Pink explains that intrinsically motivated people tend to work harder and succeed more often than extrinsically motivated people.Evidence for Dan Pink’s argument is everywhere. Scope out your community and try to spot the people that are succeeding on the highest level.

6. Start Asking Yourself

start asking yourself

Next Step in Your Career

The most successful in the world tend to be givers entrepreneurs, philanthropists, change-makers that are putting more into the world than they take out.So if you want to be super-successful, stop asking yourself what’s in it for me? Stop focusing on what you’re going to get from success. And start focusing on what you’re going to give from yourself to become successful.

Ask yourself  What am I going to put into the world that will make my community better than how I found it? After you come up with an answer, work as hard as you can to make that contribution a reality.When you follow this roadmap to success, the world will be better off because of you. And you’ll become more successful than you ever imagined.

7. Career Planning


Self Improvement

Because the real secret to success—the best approach there is for taking your place among the greats—has nothing to do with earning, accumulating, or taking. The real secret to success is giving, adding value to the lives of others, and using your passion to serve your community Putting More Into The World Than You Take Out. (Career Vs Ambition)

Authors Bio : Bo Muchoki is an up-and-coming self-improvement writer. And he is the author of a forthcoming book titled Know Yourself: A Guide To Fulfilling A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.To read more of Bo’s motivational writing, check out his blog at MuchokiMotivation.com.