Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear

Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear

Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear


Celebrities are known to spend a lot on their attire and when it comes to elegant footwear, there is no stopping. Some of the most expensive celebrity footwear are studded with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones which makes them very expensive.

These are also made in limited edition which increases their value. Popular movie stars and sportsmen endorse these brands and use these footwear. These exclusive footwear also need heavy art work and a lot of effort by designers thereby making them very expensive. The amazing beauty of these footwear will make you forget the price tag it carries.

1. Rita Hayworth Heels - $ 3 Million

rita hayworth

Rita Hayworth first wore this open-toed heels in the movie Shawshank Redemption which is now owned by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. It has multiple art work which includes rubies, diamonds and sapphires.

2. Ruby Slippers - $ 3 Million

dorothy  ruby slippers

This is the duplicate version of Dorothy' Ruby Slippers which was used in a movie. It has over 1350 carats of rubies studded with 50 carats of diamonds. The heavy jewellery and art work make the price justified.

3. Tanzanite Heels - $ 2 Million

tanzanite heels

This is made of silver leather which has an ankle strap on the top. The strap on the behind has 28 carats of diamonds and 185 carats of blue tanzanite stones. It was designed by Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian.

4. Cindrella Slippers - $ 2 Million

cindrella slippers

This stunning beauty from Stuart Weitzman was worn by Alison Krauss at the 2004 Oscars. It has 565 jewels which weigh 55 carats and platinum setting at laces making it one of the most expensive footwear.

5. Ruby Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman - $ 1.6 Million

ruby stilettos by stuart weitzman

6. Platinum Guild Stiletto - $ 1.09 Million

platinum guild stiletto

7. Retro Rose Pumps - $ 1 Million

retro rose pumps

8. Marilyn Monroe Shoes - $ 1 Million

marilyn monroe shoes

9. Ruby Pump - $6.666,000)

ruby pump

10. Diamond Dream Stilettos - $500,000

diamond dream stilettos

Many celebrities have used these footwear in popular movies and for several award functions making them very popular.