Most Expensive Ebooks

Most Expensive Ebooks

Most Expensive Ebooks

Knowledge is one thing, which no one has the power to steal and take away from a person. Knowledge and information can be taken from anywhere, be it books, people, places, experiences, or events.

The need to explore and know more is what makes a person alive and stay inspired. The most knowledgeable people in the world know that they just know the tip of the iceberg of the topic or the subject matter. However, till what an extent would a person go to buy books, which give knowledge?

Let us have look at the most expensive e-books :

1. International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences - $ 13,496

international encyclopedia of social and behavioral sciences

This book is a one of a kind book which aims at providing wholesome and exhaustive information about the topic of social and behavioral sciences. It is a very ambitious project since it is the first time all the social sciences have come together.

2. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 14-Volume Set:V1-14 - $ 11,850


An encyclopedia that ensures the reader to have impeccable English skills and the confidence to excel in this wonderful language ranks second in the top 10 list. This is a 14 volume set which means that there are 14 books relating to the topic.

3. Myth and Poetry in Psychoanalysis (New Issues of Psychoanalysis)- $ 9024

myth and poetry in psychoanalysis

This Spanish book is one of a kind, which covers all the aspects related to psychoanalysis. It is completely in Spanish. It has question answers, advices, doctor reports, etc. in this book. No  wonder it is one of the most expensive books.

4. Nuclear Energy - $ 6232

nucliar energy

The ever fascinating and unknown world of nuclear energy and power is covered in this book. This book is surely different from others as it is simple yet covers almost all the topics related to the nuclear energy.

5. Compounds with 13 to 162 Carbon Atoms - $ 6,231.20

compounds 13 to 62

6. Selected Soldering and Brazing Systems - $ 6,231.20

selected soldering

7. Noble Metal Systems - $ 5,711.20

noble metal systems

8. Selected Copper Systems - $ 5,300

selected copper systems

9. Launch: Life Sciences Products - $ 4,475.980


10. Comprehensive Biomaterials: Online Version - $ 3793.44

bio materials