Most Expensive Rolex

Most Expensive Rolex

Most Expensive Rolex

In this age of Smartphone and fibre optic internet, men still need a classy wrist timepiece to execute a gentle look. And if it is from the largest solitary luxury watch brand Rolex, then it holds the symbols of brilliance and superiority.

Before shifting to Geneva in 1919, the founders, Alfred Davis and Hans Wildorf ascertained Rolex in 1905 at London. With quality and reliability, the world famous Rolex have been producing round about a million watches per year, with estimated revenues of US$7.9 billion. But amazingly, no shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing practice; it takes about a year to make one Rolex watch.

Rolex uses expensive and difficult-to-machine steel to give its production a majestic glance. A watch with such widespread aptitudes unquestionably comes with a colossal price tag. A list of most expensive Rolex is in front for the passionate

1. 1942 Rolex Chronograph ($1.16 million)

rolex 1942 chronograph

In the early 1940s, the limited edition Rolex is planned as offerings for motor racers. The silver lustreless clock face, 17 gemstones, pink gold ciphers, and nickel completed pedal movement in large stainless steel chronograph possesses its main features. None of the twelve timepieces were sold publically.

2. Eric Clapton 1971 Rolex Daytona ($505,000)


In the year 1971, the modified Rolex Daytona was nicknamed as “Albino” due to its neutral silvery coloured locale and ancillary dials. While launched, a price of one hundred thousand were set for this but the timepiece became a masterpiece after the English rock legend Eric Clapton touched it.

3. Rolex GMT 116769TBR ($485,350)


The 18 karat white gold composed, Rolex GMT 116769TBR had shaken the world’s wealth market as it is promoted for the richest. Diamond dial with gleaming time marker and 76 diamond decorated locks and case make it most lucrative among the richest.

4. James Bond 1973 Rolex 5513 ($450,000)


Crew and casting were changed, but one thing has always with the 007 series, the amalgamation of James Bond amid the smartest Rolex is forever alike. James bond in 1973 uses the Rolex 5513 featuring a magnetic meadow maker and a blade circle.

5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Gold Rolex Oyster ($440,000)


6. Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956 ($276,000)


7. Paul Newman Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona 6565 ($267,203)


8. Steve McQueen 1967 Rolex Submariner ($234,000)


9. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona ($106,273)


10. Rolex Submariner for Cartier ($100,000)


Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; admired; premium; and known across the globe. It signifies elegance and eminence. Unique design, advanced technology and splendid performance make this timepiece ideal for all the circumstances from deep sea to peak of the Mount Everest.