Most Expensive Hot Tubs

Most Expensive Hot Tubs

Most Expensive Hot Tubs

Ever thought of having a luxury bath on tub? If you haven’t done yet, then why not shell some amount and attach the most expensive hot tub in your bathroom. Hot baths are most popular ancient tradition, and today people, especially rich consider taking hot tub bath.

There are different styles and sizes of bath tubs. You can select as per the amount you are ready to spend and choice you will go for.

This article presents you with list of most expensive hot tubs available around the world:

1. Cal Spas Galaxy GX 49 Entertainment Spa- $ 29,000

cal spas galaxy gx 49 entertainment spa

This elegant looking bath tub is the best choice to be considered. It has room for six people and around 50 jets to relax those muscles. You can have the chance to benefit from LED lighting and a couple of nice waterfalls to boot.

2. Jacuzzi- J 470- $ 27,000


This hot tub is known as “Rolls-Royce” of the hot-tub sector. This hefty beast contains more than 1,500 litres. This is cost-effective and is ideal tub for home.

3. Luxema 8000- $ 26,000

luxema 8000

This large hot tub comes with generous flat-screen TV as well as a private bar. At $26,000 it uses 10,000 litres of water and weighs in at a whopping 1,500 kg.

4. Hot Tug: $ 21,000

hot tug

This hot tub is not only a wood encased tub but it doubles up as a tugboat as you have never seen it before. Designed by Dutchman Frank de Bruijn it features glass fiber and reinforced polyester.

5. Royal A909 Whirlpool Bathtub- $ 12,000

royal a909 whirlpool bathtub

This sophisticated hot tub comes with wide range of gadgets and gizmos such as eight air jets an FM radio system and two personal speakers.

6. Zeus Hot Tub - $ 4,300

zeus hot tub

With the price tag of $4.300, this hot tub has high density foam insulation layer, keeping the warm area warmer. In addition to this, the tub comes with foot massage, neck massage bay and 17 hydrotherapy jets. 

There are other most expensive hot tubs like:

7. Jacuzzi J- 480 - $ 14,000 

jacuzzi j  480

8. Hera 2 Seater Hot Tub: $ 3,300

hera 2 seater hot tub

9. Escape Spa Hot Tub: $ 6,800

escape hot tub

10. Royal A-512 Whirlpool Massage Bathtub - $ 5,000

royal a 512 whirlpool massage bathtub

Having a bath in any of the above expensive hot tub will be really a rich experience. If you are ready to fetch hefty amount then check out the above ones that suits your need.