Most expensive restaurant in NYC

Most expensive restaurant in NYC

Most expensive restaurant in NYC

In the big cities, there are no surprise of having expensive restaurants. However, these restaurants also have their delicacies that drive the people crazy and make the restaurants to offer the costly food items to the guests. In the city such as New York there are obviously restaurants with different class and look which have got great fame due to a number of factors such as food items, quality, ambience and many more.

These restaurants have particular peculiarities that have helped them to create an image of an expensive restaurant across the industry and city. 

1 Masa ($ 585)

masa restaurant

It is located on the fourth floor of Time warner centre. It has delicious white truffle uni pasta as well as pecking duck with rice fried with foie grass make a lot of foodies visit it. 

2 Per Se ($ 325)

per se

This famous restaurant is also situated in time warner centre. It has delicious dishes such as yellow wax beans as well as sofrito and pork jowl with quail that makes the fool lovers enjoy them. 

3 Momofuku Ko ($ 163)

momofuku ko

This restaurant is recently renovated and in addition to its ambience known for its staple omakase dinner. One can have live view of the food being prepared in the kitchen here. 

4 Le Bernerdin ($ 146)

le bernerdin

This restaurant is located at Midtown west and known for a number of food items particularly with sea food which is prepared with easy techniques that offer excellent taste to the sea food lovers.

5 Daniel ($ 137)


6 L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon ($ 137)

latelier de joel robuchon

7 Sasabune ($ 130)


8 Jean Georges ($ 127)


9 One if by Land, two if by Sea ($ 111)

one if by land, two if by sea

10 Aquavit ($ 109)


They have beautiful ambience and with that added flavours of a number of items that allow them to charge high and the customers also pay with a smile.