Most expensive restaurants In London

Most expensive restaurants In London

Most expensive restaurants In London

In modern days, the restaurants offer great flair of food and excellent moments to enjoy while visit to them. There are a lot of people who love to visit restaurant and here are a few known restaurants of London that attract a lot of foodies every day.

People go out for just not a dinner but a beautiful experience, tasty and healthy food and an overall excellent treatment as a guest that make them feel enjoyed at the restaurant. They are ready to pay the best of the price for such a really beautiful experience. 

1. The Dorchester ($ 290)

the dorchester

This famous restaurant has 80 seats capacity and serves French, German, Persian and Japanese items for which it is worldwide famous. There is also delicious meal from skilled chefs that can make your day. 

2. Hibiscus ($ 205) 


situated at Mayfair, this restaurant was previously at Ludlow and hence the theme is still managed same by the owners. The excellent menu and beautifully designed surroundings can offer a beautiful eating experience to the customers. 

3. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay ($ 205)

restaurant gordon ramsay

The famous chelsea based restaurant is a place where one can hardly get a table immediately. The excellent dishes served with great care offer a wonderful experience to the visitors with mouth-watering tasty items.

4. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon ($ 200)

latelier de joel robuchon

A perfect restaurant that does not offer big things but a simple policy where the guests can see his food being prepared at the central restaurant which ensures the quality as well as taste. 

5. Helene Darroze ($ 190)

helene darroze

6. Marcus Wareing ($ 190)

marcus wareing

7. The Greenhouse ($ 190)

the greenhouse

8. Le Gavoreche ($ 190)

le gavoreche

9. Apsleys ($ 170)


10. Sketch ($ 165)


These restaurants offer wonderful dishes as well as beautiful overall guest experience that proves the quality and level of the restaurant.