Most Expensive Sapphires

Most Expensive Sapphires

Most Expensive Sapphires

Fine sapphires of Kashmir or Burmese origin typically fare well but large, incredibly rare stones can sell for millions. A well-cut sapphire will display its color to its best ability, while still enhancing luster and brilliance. Sapphires vary in density, so they are measured by size as well as carat weight. Sapphire color is evaluated on three qualities: hue, tone, and saturation.

Sapphires form in an environment rich with trace minerals, which affect sapphire clarity. Sapphires are among the earliest known gemstones and are highly valued for their durability. Sapphires are commonly heat-treated to improve color, clarity, and overall appearance.

1. The Richelieu Sapphires – $ 8,358,520

the richelieu sapphires

Each set with a cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 26.66 and 20.88 carats respectively, suspended from a star surmount set with a cushion- and pear-shaped diamonds, post and hinged back fittings. The two gemstones form a perfectly matching pair in size and shape, combined with an attractive velvety blue colour and a fine purity. 

2. A 114.74-carat Unmounted Burmese Sapphire – $ 7,223,285

a 114

Its saturated blue colour, poetically also referred to as ‘royal blue’, is due to a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the gemstone, typical and characteristic for the finest sapphires of Mogok, Burma. This sapphire has been perfectly cut from the rough crystal to show its colour at its best.

3. A 130.50-carat Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Brooch – $ 7,127,453

a 130

The sapphire is of Burmese origin, with no indications of heating. Its saturated blue colour, poetically referred to as ‘royal blue’, is due to a combination of well balanced trace elements in the stone, typical and characteristic for the finest sapphires of the Mogok gemstone tract. 

4. The Unique Sapphire and Mutli-Gem ‘Cote d’Azur’ Brooch, by Anna Hu – $4,569,684


Centering upon a  cushion-shaped sapphire, to the pavé-set diamond floral branch decorated with moonstones, coloured sapphires, tsavorites, tourmalines, spinel, coloured diamonds, carved sapphires, carved and drop-shaped emeralds, mounted in gold.

5. A 26.41-carat Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Brooch – $ 3,838,508

a 26

6. A 47.15-carat Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Brooch, by Mellerio – $ 3,648,894

a 47

7. The Star of Kashmir – $ 3,484,142

the star of kashmir

8. A 42.28-carat Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring – $ 3,458,420

a 42

9. A 21.42-carat Kashmir Sapphire Ring – $ 3,231,584 

a 21

10. An Antique 22.66 Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Pendant – $ 3,064,000

an antique 22

Love the color of the sapphires! and the amazing design!