8 Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World

8 Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World

8 Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World

Christmas trees have always represented the euphoria that comes with the holiday season. These trees (or tree-like structures in most cases) usually decorated with a variety of ornaments don’t just light up households but also entire cities. Christmas trees have been the centerpiece of holiday festivities for the longest time so it’s not surprising that establishments have invested in a lot of money building elegant, stylish, and even grandiose trees. Here are the eight most expensive Christmas trees displayed around the world today:

1. 12 Kg. Ginza Tanaka Christmas Tree - $468,000

Tokyo jeweller Ginza Tanaka is one of the premier jewelry stores in Japan and also operates branches around Asia and Europe. Known for selling some of the most expensive jewelry in the world, you would expect no less for the store to go all-in on their holiday decorations. The Christmas tree made from 12 kg. of solid gold in one of their Tokyo locations definitely did not disappoint.

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The entire tree is made from solid gold and is also decorated with golden ornaments and bright yellow lights. Although it’s not a towering structure (only measuring around 6 to 8 feet), it’s more than enough to amaze each person passing through this Ginza Tanaka location. The tree is currently valued at around ¥48 million or $468,000.      

2. Soo Kee Jewelry Shop Diamond Tree - $1 Million

From a jewelry shop that has a gold Christmas tree to a jewelry shop that has a diamond Christmas tree, this Christmas tree displayed at the Burgis Junction shopping in Singapore is luxurious as it is grandiose. The tree is designed by Singapore-based jeweler Soo Kee and measures 6 meters, weighs 3 tons, and is filled with 21,000 diamonds totaling 913 carats. To make sure everyone in a 2-mile radius gets to experience its full glory, 500 light bulbs are also placed for added illumination. 

3. Washington DC Capitol Christmas Tree - $1 Million

One of the trees on this list that doesn’t contain artificial limbs and leaves, the huge Christmas tree outside of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. has stood tall since 1964 and is made of a real 20-meter (66 feet) conifer. The tree actually comes from the Capitol’s own tree nursery which is not cut but temporarily removed together with the roots and replanted outside the Capitol grounds. Although the valuation is rather high for a 66-foot Christmas tree, the logistics of getting the tree to the Capitol and displaying it in front of 400 US legislators as well as millions of tourists may justify the $1 million price tag. The Capitol Christmas tree is currently the most expensive real Christmas tree in the world.  

4. Ginza Tanaka Tabletop Tree - $1.8 Million

Ginza Tanaka returns with another expensive tree but one valued at $1.8 million. Forget about expensive real Christmas trees as this solid gold Christmas tree is crafted out of 42 lbs. of 24-carat gold. The design uses a minimalistic design and resembles Christmas trees with bare branches. Of course, every single part of this tree is made out of gold including the thin wires that add to the tree’s minimalistic design. It only stands at 6.6 feet but its value far exceeds its less than imposing height. 

5. Takashimaya Department Store Preserved Rose Mini Christmas Tree - $1.8 Million 

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Speaking of less than imposing height, the preserved rose mini Christmas tree found inside the Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo is small but packs a million-dollar price tag: $1.8 million to be exact. Measuring at 40 centimeters, the Claude Quinquaud-inspired tree is surrounded by preserved roses and has Australian and African-extracted diamonds encrusted in each petal. The tree’s stuffed bear companion is as pricey, being decorated with a diamond necklace. Valuation for the mini rose tree and bear amounts to a total of $1.8 million.  

6. Hong Kong Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree - $1.8 Million Upwards

The battle of expensive Asian Christmas trees continues with Hong Kong’s Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree which is easily valued at more than $2 million. But instead of being displayed inside a mall or within a shopping district or park, this enormous 50-foot Christmas tree is perfectly situated inside the Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong is greeted by millions of tourists every year during the holidays, so placing a tree inside the airport’s premises is actually a no-brainer.      

Aside from standing 50-foot tall, the Hong Kong Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree is filled with Swarovski gold and silver crystals imported from Austria. The Swarovski Christmas tree is accessible to both departing and arriving passengers.  

7. Ginza Tanaka Disney Gold Christmas Tree - $4.2 Million

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If you thought the two previous Ginza Tanaka entries were already expensive, then there’s one more Ginza Tanaka tree that is listed as the second most expensive Christmas tree in the world. The Ginza Tanaka Disney Gold tree is made of 24-carat gold that weighs a total of 88 pounds. This golden Christmas tree, which took two months and 10 artisans to complete, celebrates the 110th birthday of Walt Disney and features silhouettes of 50 classic Disney cartoon characters.

8. The Emirates Palace Hotel Christmas Tree - $11.4 Million   

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The 13-meter Christmas tree inside Abu Dhabi’s luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel Christmas Hotel is the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. Valued at $11.4 million, the tree is filled with hundreds of diamonds, gold, pearls, sapphires, and emeralds. It’s also decorated with real watches, necklaces, and bracelets. Electronics and accessories may not be ideal Christmas tree decorations, but if you’re a hotel that sells gold bars and rents out private jets, then you can essentially do whatever you want with your Christmas tree.       

Although most are content having their living room trees decorated with ribbons, balls, and colorful Christmas lights, there are some who are willing to spend millions of dollars for a tree that only will be displayed once a year. But at the end of the day, the costs don’t really matter since these extravagant and expensive trees are put up to spread the holiday cheer.