Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Christmas, probably the most beautiful festival ever, with lights and the beautiful decorations but, it is incomplete without one and the most important thing, the Christmas tree. All over the globe this festival is celebrated with loads of love and fun filled parties.

1. Soo Kee Jewellery Shop in Singapore- $ 1 million

soo kee ct

Beautifully adorned with nearly 22,000 sparkling diamond, 3,000 shiny crystals and silver this 1 million$ Christmas tree in Singapore was put on a show at the Bugis Junction Shopping Mall over a holiday period and made a real sparkling season statement.

2. Capitol Christmas Tree in Washington DC - $ 1 million 

capitol christmas tree in washington dc

Its always about the bling and the Capitol Christmas in Washington DC knows how to get the perfect amount of it. Everything including cutting, transporting, putting up and decorating, this 88ft tall tree costs upto $1 million every year. It was first displayed in 1919 but, became an annual event since 1964.

3. Ginza Tanaka Jewellery Shop in Shinsaibashi, Osaka - $ 1.6 million

ginza tanaka jewellery shop in shinsaibashi, osaka

A tiny fraction of the size of the Capitol Christmas Tree, this $1.6 million tree was crafted by Ginza Tanaka Jewellery shop in Shinsaibashi, Osaka from 24 carat gold and was covered in 240 gems including diamonds and pearls as decoration. A perfect example of craftsmanship.

4. Takashimaya department store, Japan- $ 1.8 Million

takashimaya department store, japan

This 16 inches tall Christmas tree, made heads turn when it was showcased at Takashimaya Department store in Japan. It shimmers with 400 diamonds plus beautiful garlands of preserved and dried flowers. Surely giving us jitters on how good things come in small packages too costing more though.

5. Hong Kong’s Winterfest- $ 1.6 Million

hong kongs winterfest

6. Emirates Palace Hotel- $ 11 Million

emirates palace hotel

7. Hong Kong Swarovski Crystal – LED Prelit Christmas Tree - cost unknown

hong kong swarovski crystal

8. Steve Quick Jewellers – Gold Tabletop Christmas Trees- $ 5,00,000

steve quick jewellers  gold tabletop christmas trees

9. Sofitel London St. James - Black Christmas Tree Decorated With Cognac- $ 55,000

sofitel london st

10. Vermont pre lit artificial Christmas trees-  $ 850

vermont pre lit artificial christmas trees

The Christmas tree as we know today  originated in Germany and gradually spread across the Western world in the 19th Century and well , see it now  has become a symbol of the celebrations and holidays.