Most Expensive Restaurant Menus in America

Most Expensive Restaurant Menus in America

Most Expensive Restaurant Menus in America

The concept of fine dining in America is always associated with the most lavish of spreads in the best of restaurants. As a gourmet you know that money isn’t a factor in the getting mouthful of that most exquisitely cooked filet mignon or a perfectly grilled steak. Sophisticated fine dining is all about ambience and a perfectly balanced menu featuring the choicest of food.

There are quite a number of American restaurants that rightly qualify as highly expensive restaurants by virtue of their exotic menu. From Succulent lobsters to juicy steaks and rich imported caviar here is a list of the ten most expensive restaurant menus in America.

1. Masa, New York City, minimum billing 450$ per head


Chef Masa Takayama's 3 Michelin star Japanese restaurant serves the best sushi in USA. Located in the time Warner center, Masa imports its fish from Japan. Featuring an aesthetically intimate ambience, each dish at Masa is akin to a work of art.

2. Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas: Minimum billing 425$ per head


With its palatial and rich furnished setting, The Dining Room in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is well known for its impeccable service. Opened by world-renowned French Chef Joel  Robuchon, it features delectable gourmet dishes signature gourmet dishes such as La Langoustine and Oven Roasted Turkey

3. Urasawa, Beverly Hills, Minimum billing 390$ per head


Owned by Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa, this 2 Michelin star restaurant features a luxurious setting and is reputed for the sophisticated balance of flavors in each of its dishes. Its USP is its 30 course Omakase menu which changes every day

4. Guy Savoy Las Vegas, 14 course meal - 375$ per head


The flagship restaurant of famed chef Guy Savoy, this Parisian styled venue is famous for its contemporary French cuisine. With its extravagant and uniquely blended flavors such as frozen cauliflower mousse and truffle soup, it is well deserving of the prestigious 3 Michelin stars.

5.  Per Se, New York City, 9-course meal - 290$ per head

per se

6. Alinea, Chicago, 18-course meal - 210$ per head


7. The French Laundry, Yountville, California, 9-course meal - 295$ per head

french laundry

8. Chefs table, Brooklyn New York, 20 mini course meal - 255$ per head

chefs table

9. Michael Mina, San Francisco, 20-course meal - 245$ per head


10. Addison, Grand Del Mar, San Diego, 10-course meal - 225$ per head


When you’re dining in a Michelin star restaurant, you should be well prepared to shell out such exorbitant rates. Apart from the opulent charm and perfect ambience, The extravagance could well be justified when the aromatic flavors of such delicately balanced dishes explode on your palate.