Most Expensive BBQs

Most Expensive BBQs

Most Expensive BBQs

The perfect way to celebrate summer is to have a backyard party and cook food on one the following barbecue grills made with the latest technology. These grills are also great for aspiring cooks.

1. Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana Grill $35,000


This powerful stainless steel barbecue grill comes with a five burner grill, storage, a fridge, bar, stereo and three 20-inch televisions. The buyer can easily put local sports bars out of business.

2. Kalamazoo Grill $17,000


This state of the art hybrid fire grilling system allows you to use charcoal, gas or wood. The temperature can dial up to 700c and at 500c it’ll clean itself by oozing off fat and grease from the gleaming bars.

3. Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon Grill $12,200


This is the largest grill made by Fire Magic, one of the best companies known for their outdoor grills. It has seven burners and over 1,000 square inches of cooking space. Fire Magic burners already have a reputation of intense heat add that to the hot surface ignition that makes lighting up the grill a snap.

4. Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series Grill $7,000


The operator of Twin Eagles in a famous grilling veteran assuring the buyer the best cooking experience. The grill has hexagonal cooking grates work great for searing and getting a smokey taste into the food. It has a hood assist system which makes it easy to open and a heat controlled hood to avoid discoloration. The welded one piece front panel is seamless and has no screws to prevent rusting.

5. Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill $6,800

barbecue le bonbon paris

6. Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven And Grill$6,500


7. Alfresco LX2 42-Inches Grill $5,000


8. Capital Precision Series 40-Inches Grill $4,000


9. Backwoods Competitor Grill $3,000


10. Weber Ranch Kettle Grill $1,150

weber ranch

These incredible machines offer the best outdoor cooking experience, just make sure you have the cash and space for them.