Most Expensive Space Travel Mementoes

Most Expensive Space Travel Mementoes

Most Expensive Space Travel Mementoes

For mankind, the utmost trimming constantly considered the space. Because of this any mementoes commenting out the adventurous campaign or the conquest of space is always incomparable. Space mementoes are the extraordinary collectable belongings that certify human being’s revolutionary noteworthy connection with space.

Some scattered mementos like space mission’s module, spaceship, accessories etc. sporadically appear into the market which makes a speed among the influential collectors to enrich their private anthology by owning them with a handsome amount by bidding. As they are relating to the human history of the world’s outer surface, they are undoubtedly expensive. Top ten most expensive space travel mementos are enlisted as follows

1. Vostok Spacecraft – $2.9 million


This historic capsule was sent into space in the year 1961 along with a dog called Zvezdochka when it completed a single orbit of the Earth even before Yuri Gagarin, the first human sightseer to space supervised to fly there. This capsule was bought by businessman Evgeny Yurchenko from an auction conducted in New York.

2. Jim Lovell Apollo 13 Notebook – $388,375

li 620 apollo checklist cp0

In April 1970 on the seventh manned mission of the Apollo program Commander Lovell had to make some important calculations for ensuring the safe and noise arrival of the whole ill-fated Apollo 13 crew. Lovell wrote down all these calculations on his notebook.

3. Apollo 15 Attitude Direction Controller – $327,870

apollo 15 joystick 1

The Apollo 15 was the first mission using Lunar Roving Vehicle, manned by David Scott, James Irwin and Alfred Worden. This ancient joystick was used to control the massive four 100 pound rocket engines of the Falcon cosmological element. David Scott used this planetary module rotational hand controller to control the landing of the Apollo 15 spaceship all through its moon landing.

4. Apollo Soyuz Spacesuit – $242,000

alexei leonov space suit 1

Apollo Soyuz Spacesuit was the first multinational manned spaceflight where Americans and the Soviet Union worked together. Soyuz commander Alexei Leonov dressed in the pallid nylon print suit throughout docking, launch and re-entry. In May 2011, this historical suit was sold for $242,000 by Bonhams Auction House.

5. Apollo 11 Navigational Chart – $218,000


6. Apollo 16 Checklist – $206,000


7. Apollo 11 Flight Plan – $152,000


8. Apollo 17 Rolex – $131,450

commander ronald evans gmt rolex moon watch

9. Apollo 11 Patch – $85,400

apollo 11

10. Apollo 14 Lunar Module Camera – $80,000

data acquisition camera apollo nasa

Being part of history grand but owning the history is much more than the outstanding. Although they are very expensive, you might face a tuff bidding war to collect it. If you own the right of the expensive space traveler mementos you must get the feel to conquer the sky.