Richest Journalists In The World

Richest Journalists In The World

Richest Journalists In The World

Journalists are known to be hard working and bring out the truth before people. He brings the current information to distribute among the people. A photographer can also be a journalist if his photos give information to the people.

Below is the list of the world’s richest journalist. Go ahead and read to know their worth.

1. James Daniel May - $15 Million USD


James Daniel May is a widely known television presenter and journalist. James May came into fame as a co-host to the show ‘Top Gear.’ He also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph's motoring section.

2. Jackie Guerrido - $10 Million USD


Jackie Guerrido is a television weather forecaster and a journalist. Before joining as a weather forecaster, Jackie joined HBC Radio and co-hosted a radio program. She was given additional duties of broadcasting traffic conditions. Presently she works for Univision's afternoon newsmagazine show Primer Impacto with Barbara Bermudo.

3. Jon Ronson - $5 Million USD


Jon Ronson is a Welsh journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and radio presenter. He is known for his informal investigations of controversial fringe politics. Jon has written many books and is known for his writings. Jon is currently writing the second draft of the screenplay titled Okja.

4. Kenny Mayne - $5 Million USD

kenny mane

Kenny Mayne is a worldwide known sports journalist. He has hosted the series Kenny Mayne’s Wider World of Sports on ESPN. Mayne worked as a reporter in Las Vegas preceding his move to Seattle, Washington. Mayne has also authored the book An Incomplete And Inaccurate History of Sport in 2008.

5. Carrie Bickmore - $5 Million USD


6. Lisa Joyner - $4 Million USD


7. Chris Rose - $3 Million USD

chris rose

8. Ian Halperin - $2 Million USD


9. Lauren Green - $2 Million USD


10. Roy Firestone - $1.5 Million USD