8 Most Expensive iOS Apps

8 Most Expensive iOS Apps

8 Most Expensive iOS Apps

When it comes to premium electronics, Apple produces some of the best in the world. Although Samsung has been consistently topping global smartphone sales, it has never beat the California-based tech giant when it comes to revenues from high-end devices. Unsurprisingly, these high-end devices also come with highly-expensive apps. Here are the eight most expensive iOS apps ever released on the App Store:

1. Classic TC with WordPower - $299

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Despite being one of the most expensive ios apps around, Classic TouchChat (TC) with WordPower is one of the most practical apps on the App Store today. The app replaces the person’s natural voice with a built-in voice synchronizer or recorded message and is useful for those suffering from nervous system disorders such as Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, and stroke. TC is an innovation that falls under Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and closely resembles the technology used by Stephen Hawking when he suffered ALS throughout most of his life.                

2. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax - $299

Although the title of the most expensive mobile game still goes to Android’s intentionally-titled “Most Expensive Ball Game” ($339), Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 for iOS isn’t too far behind. As the title suggests, the game is composed of several mini-games packed into a single bundle. Some of the games that players can choose from include one that lets them beat up a clown punching bag as well as another that lets them play in a classic pachinko machine. Initially released in 2009, Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 is developed by Ubiquitous Muffin, a mobile company that is known to develop very expensive games. It has since then been removed from the App Store, but the game can still be purchased at full-price on other mobile gaming websites.  

3. app.Cash - $399

An app that is strictly used for POS transactions, This app shouldn’t confuse iPhone users who are looking for something similar to Apple Pay or Paypal. App.Cash enables users to collect customer data, take payments, and categorize menu items. These functions are tailor-made for restaurants and other retail shops looking to replace the traditional POS system with a more convenient and digital option. Unfortunately, app.Cash competes with dozens of POS apps offering identical services but at much cheaper costs with some even offering freemium plans.  

4. DDS GP - $399

There are hundreds of iPhone and iPad apps these days that aid in medical practice, one of which is DDS GP. Tagged as the best chair side case presentation software in the 2011 Gordon Christensen Clinicians Report, DDS GP is an iOS app that enables dentists to show visual conditions and treatments to their patients. The app also includes drag-and-drop capabilities as well as photo uploading and sharing. Even with the expensive price tag, DDS GP is still one of the highest-rated apps on the App Store and has received praise from dozens of dental professionals.   

5. Verituner - $599

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Tuning pianos can be very difficult. That is why Verituner is here to provide an easy fix for beginners as well as veteran pianists looking to tune their instruments. To use Verituner though, one has to cough up $599. The app’s price tag can be attributed to the patented multi-partial technology being used to calculate the tuning which results in tuning that perfectly matches the piano’s different scales. Additionally, tuning is done faster since there is no need to make some adjustments in the app. Verituner was originally released in 2011 and is developed by piano tech company Veritune. Although the App Store has a few piano tuning apps that cost much less, Verituner has maintained its popularity over the years and has become a priority investment for a good number of professional musicians.   

6. Cyber Tuner - $999

Expensive iPhone apps don’t come any better any the Cyber Tuner which is a pricier version of the Verituner. Released in 2017, Cyber Tuner is developed by Reyburn Piano Service and is only available for iOS devices. The app comes with an intuitive programming layout granted that the user already knows piano tuning basics and also has their own tuning equipment. Similar to Verituner, this app is a favorite among professional musicians. But if you’re still looking for a way to justify the $1,000 cost, simply head to Cyber Tuner’s App Store page and read the description and the dozens of five-star reviews.         

7. VIP Black - $999

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A millionaire’s app used by and for millionaires; the VIP Black app (also called the iVIP Black) gives users exclusive access to iVIP Ltd.’s partner hotels, restaurants, cinemas, and clubs. The lifestyle and tech company also provides VIP treatments for events and activities sponsored by the company’s luxury partners. But there’s a catch. Even if you have $999 in your bank account, VIP Black will require all users to present evidence that they have assets worth at least $1 million. Indeed, VIPs only.       

8. Abu Moo Collection - $400 each ($2,400 total)

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Aside from being the most expensive app ever, it is also the most expensive app that does nothing. The Abu Moo is essentially an app where users can place gemstones on a customized background. No other features follow. Since it is a collection, each Abu Moo app comes with a different gemstone and is sold at $400. Collecting the six gemstones will set iPhone users back a ridiculous $2,400, more than enough money to buy a real gemstone and still have extra cash to go on a three-day vacation in another country.    

Buying the most expensive apps on the App Store or Google Play store warrants some serious planning. But planning doesn’t really matter especially if you have some extra thousands to spare.