Most Expensive Elite Blancpain Watches

Most Expensive Elite Blancpain Watches

Most Expensive Elite Blancpain Watches

Time telling tool, branded expensive watches are often related with the emotions of the user or makers, which might left the film behind. Actually, wearied watch reflects the personality traits like behavior, attitude, thoughts etc. Upon the quality with amazing classiness and smartness, a wide range of sumptuousness watch brands are in advertise.

The oldest watch maker Blancpain watches has been supplying elite watches over centuries. The perfect mixture of fine exterior, furnished interior, tradition of experience and emotional attachment has placed them high among the bests. The top ten most expensive elite Blancpain watches are in the following list -

1. Blancpain Specialites Tourbillon Diamonds Watch: ($1.34 million)


The most expensive Blancpain watch is for the ladies as their favorite diamond is for its ornamentation. The 20 carats diamond designed along with the complex mechanism of running are the main reason behind according to the critics. This handmade watch have a power reserve of more than 160 hours.

2. Blancpain collection Specialties Tourbillon Grande Date: ($967,515)


Due to the white gold, diamond and other expensive stone making, the price of this limited edition Blancpain watch can show your love in the hand of your darling lady. For a grand date it might be the right choice.

3. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication: ($800,000)

blancpain 1735 grande complication

Blancpain another outstanding illustration is the self snaky watch. With 18 carat gold beautification, it relieves you tension about the power consumption. It is one of the limited edition watches from the manufacturer.

4. Blancpain Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph: ($500,000)


Introducing a new technology raises the price of Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph. The proven artistic talents have been proved again by this watch. With three different versions it is available at a price of $500,000.

5. Blancpain Collection Le Brassus Chronographe Flyback Rattrapante:($245,346)


6. Blancpain Collection Specialties Repetition Minutes, Automates: ($239,656)


7. Blancpain Collection Leman Repetition Minutes: ($198,878)


8. Blancpain Collection Specialties Ultra Plate Dame: ($182,642)


9. Blancpain Collection Le Brassus Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetuel: ($161,248)


10. Blancpain Collection Specialties Tourbillon Squelett: ($161,248)


Who don’t want to win the chance of being part of the history? With the time-honored brand image Blancpain watches propose the opportunity effortlessly. Your personality might be more highlighted if you wear an expensive Blancpain watch.