Most Expensive Elevators

Most Expensive Elevators

Most Expensive Elevators

Most often shouted lift; elevators are reducing human labor of pulling up materials to different floor or crossing long stairs. Thinking a building without elevator is just impractical in modern time. A broad diversity of price tags is available with the elevators depending on their swiftness, aptitude of transportation, power expenditure, safety features and intention of use.

There are some elevators which have inbuilt artificial reminiscence. But the most expensive elevators are fundamentally depends on the luxury and pleasure of riding. The top ten most expensive elevators are enlisted with few of their prominent features –

1. Bailong Elevator in China: $20 Million

bailong elevator in china

The glass build Bailong Elevator, often named Hundred Dragons Elevator is placed beside the rocky mountain range in Zhangijiajie, Hunan Province, China. The construction of this 1,070 feet elevator has expended five long years. 

2. The AquaDom Elevator in Germany: $17.4 Million

the aquadom elevator in germany

You might pleasure to have a journey through water by this elevator which is in an 82 feet aquarium in Berlin. 1 million liters water containing, the world’s prevalent cylindrical tank is positioned in the Radisson Blu hotel, Germany.

3. Santa Justa Lift in Portugal: $15 Million

amazing elevator design2

An industrial revolution spectacle, the Elevador de Santa Justa is an irony configuration forming magnificent architectural curve with double extravagant elegant timber wagon belt traveler up in style. 147 feet high, post Eiffel tower steel structured elevator is in fact using steam engine for the operation.

4. Hammetschwand Elevator in Switzerland: $14.8 Million

hammetschwand elevator in switzerland

Europe’s tallest elevator, Hammetschwand offers the eye-catching all-encompassing views of the Alps. You can enjoy the tour of 500 feet mountain climbing. 12 people competence elevator has a missile speed of near 9 feet per second. After construct in 1905, the elevation speed is gear up twice, once in 1935 and the other is very recent.

5. The Gateway Arch Elevator in Missouri: $10 Million 


6. Burj Khalifa Elevator in Dubai: $5 Million per Elevator

burj khalifa elevator in dubai

7. Yokohama Tower Elevators in Japan: $4 Million per Elevator

yokohama tower elevators in japan

8. Sunshine 60 Tower Elevators in Tokyo: $3 Million 

sunshine 60 tower elevators in tokyo

9. Taipei 101 Elevators in Taiwan: $2.4 Million per Elevator

taipei 101 elevators in taiwan

10. Stratosphere Tower Elevator in Las Vegas: $1.5 Million per Elevator

stratosphere tower elevator in las vegas

For having an amusing and comfortable elevator riding, there is no alternative to use a most expensive elevator. You must be astonished after getting such ride. If possible have an expensive elevator full of technological advancement to make you life full of surprises.