Most Expensive Celebrity Parties

Most Expensive Celebrity Parties

Most Expensive Celebrity Parties

The world’s most expensive parties were held by wealthy celebrities. The luxurious events were attended by influential people such as great musicians like Michael Jackson and different political leaders. The celebrity parties cost between $ 200,000- $ 70 million. The cost of the parties was influenced by the number of people who attended the celebration, the security of the area and the venue of the celebration.

The parties majorly involved an excessive display of wealth through the purchase of very expensive gifts, high-quality cuisines, expensive jewelry, trendy automobiles and private property. The parties were held mostly during weddings and birthdays. The most expensive celebrity parties are:

1. The Wedding of Kate and Prince William - $70 Million

the wedding of kate and prince william

This celebration became the most expensive party ever held at a cost of $70 million. The royal family hosted thousands of people and had a lavish party that was attended by other influential individuals from different parts of the world.

2. The Wedding of Wayne Rooney - $7 Million 

the wedding of wayne rooney

The most expensive wedding of Wayne Rooney was valued at $7 Million. The football star hired influential celebrities to perform during the event. Mr. Rooney, moreover, flew the guests to a villa in Italy for a visit. 

3. Wedding of David Gest and Liza - $3.6 Million

wedding of david gest and liza

The posh wedding cost $ 3.6 million. Entertainers like the famous Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor graced the occasion and provided a very interesting performance. A piece of the orchestra was also played during the event.

4. Birthday Party of Jay Z's daughter - $200,000

birthday party of jay z s daughter

The expensive birthday cost $ 200,000. Beyonce Knowles and her husband gave their daughter a special treatment. A special cake that was worth $30,000 was used during the special occasion. Moreover, the daughter received $80,000 as a birthday gift.

5. Miami Heat Championship Celebration - $200,000


6. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Jungle Island Party - $200,000

beyonceand jay zs jungle island party

7. The Beckham's Birthday Playhouse - $187,000

the beckham s birthday playhouse

The above parties are the most luxurious celebrity parties, and they were celebrated in honor of family members, friends or an individual. As you can see, the parties were very costly and involved hiring of musicians and providing exotic cuisines to the visitors who attended.