Most Expensive Commercial Helicopters

Most Expensive Commercial Helicopters

Most Expensive Commercial Helicopters

Airplanes are a way to fly in the air discovered by human beings. However, helicopters revolutionized the way the humans fly and gave it a private and a new touch. Today, people have their private helicopters and they can fly to places as and when they want to. They have a helipad on the terrace and they can land at their home itself!

This is the superb advantage of helicopters but this is not it. There are various helicopters which would make other helicopters feel like peanuts. Here are the most expensive helicopters in the world:-

1. Bell BOEING V-22 Osprey - $68 Million

bell boeing v 22 osprey

This helicopter is the most expensive in the world and the features prove why is it so. it has a range of 876 nautical miles per hour which is 106 times the speed of a normal helicopter! It has the 2 Rolls Royce AE1107C Liberty turboshaft engines.

2. Sikorsky CH-53K - $65 Million

sikorsky ch 53k

The second in list is a passenger helicopter which can have up to 40 passengers in it. it has a top speed of 107 knots, that is, 16 times faster than a normal average helicopter.

3. Boeing AH-64 Apache - $52 Million

boeing ah 64 apache

This copter is a mid size two seater one with  2 General Electric T700-GE-701D turbine engines. It can reach up to 12,685 feet which is almost 30 % more than a normal helicopter. This is a war helicopter.

4. NH Industries NH90-NFH - $39 Million

 nhindustries nh90 nfh

This battle helicopter is fully customized and modified to fight wars. It was developed to suit NATO’s requirements and it can also be used in naval environments. It is made by NH industries which is owned by Airbus helicopters, AugustaWestland and Fokker Aeronautics.

5. Kazan Mi-35M - $36 Million

kazan mi 35m

6. Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk - $36 Millions

sikorsky s 70b seahawk

7. Airbus Tiger - $35 Million

airbus tiger helicopter

8. Bell AH-1Z Zulu - $31 Million

bell ah 1z zulu

9. Kazan Ka-31 - $29 Million

kazan ka 31

10. Kazan Ka-52 “Alligator” - $29 Million

kazan ka 52 alligator

Thus, the above list of helicopters show how powerful and deadly these flying creatures are. Not to forget the whopping cost and the jaw-dropping specifications of them.