Most Expensive Car Crashes

Most Expensive Car Crashes

Most Expensive Car Crashes

One of the most distressing situations is wrecking a vehicle. You will have to deal with insurance and the repairs, which may cost you a few dollars. However, wrecking an exotic vehicle can be sadder. In such situations, the huge costs will make you weep. Even ordinary exotic crashes cannot compare to accidents you will see in the following list.

The wrecks exist in their own league. They involve vehicles that are very rare and unique which only billionaires can afford. Below is a list of the most expensive car crushes of all time. 

1. Ferrari 250 GTO - $28.5 Million 


This is the most expensive car crash ever. Ferrari 250 GTO, which most individuals touted as the Ferrari that embodies the marquee traits became the most expensive vehicle in the world. And in the year 2008, an anonymous billionaire purchased a 250 GTO during an auction for $28.5 million.

2. Ferrari Enzo - $1.3 Million


The Ferrari Enzo seems to have attracted numerous crashes. But considering its price tag, this is surprising. You might think that the owners are usually extra careful when driving but the number of crashes involving the model is somewhat ridiculous. There has been around $20 Million worth of crashes by Ferrari Enzo. 

3. McLaren F1 - $ 1.25 Million


After the Jaguar XJ220 came the McLaren whose speed stood at 231mph and its speed exceeded that of the Jaguar XJ220. There are only 107 cars of this type ever manufactured and several of them were destroyed. The destroyed vehicles include one driven by Rowan Atkinson, a popular actor who plays ‘Mr. Bean’.

4. Jaguar XJ220 - $1 Million 


You only know that these are very expensive clashes when a $500,000 crash never makes it to the list of the most expensive car crashes. The XJ220 once held a top record speed of 217mph. Nevertheless, unfortunately, along this top speed many accidents were witnessed.

5. Mercedes Benz SL 300 - $750,000


6. Pagani Zonda C12 S -$650,000


7. Bugatti EB110 - $500,000


It is unbelievable that a person would dare to take such a kind of vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, the owner of the rare vehicle drove onto the back of another car and made a huge loss.