Most Expensive Bed Sheets

Most Expensive Bed Sheets

Most Expensive Bed Sheets

High quality and expensive bed sheets have gained popularity in the market. Driven by the desire to improve home decor, many people are now shifting their attention to creating a serene environment in the bedroom using beautiful bed sheets.

The quality and design of a bed sheet has now taken center stage unlike the traditional bed sheet that served a purpose of covering the bed. Most of these expensive bed sheets has a price range of $ 1000- $ 2,500. Moreover, they have sophisticated designs that satisfy customer needs and preferences. The most expensive bed sheets are:

1. Charlotte Thomas Bed Sheet - $2,400

most expensive bed sheets

This luxurious bed sheet cost $ 2,400. It is made of high quality Merino wool fabric that is woven with small amounts of gold carat and a silk jacquard. This elegant bed sheet ensures a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

2. Porthault Jours de Paris - $1,900    


This elegant bed sheet cost $ 1,900 and comes as a set with shams, pillow and duvet cover. It is made of high quality cotton and has a white colour and crisp texture creates a unique ambiance in the bedroom. 

3. Frette Hellas Seaweed Boarder - $1,695

frette hellas seaweed border

With a cost of $1,695, this elegant bed sheet is made of high quality fabrics that are laced with an ocean motif. It has a set of shams that contain frills also comes in different designs such as sea anemone.

4. Millesimo Bed Sheets - $1,395 


This exotic bed sheet costs $ 1,395 and is made of purely high quality Egyptian cotton. The bed sheets are woven into soft and luminous sateen. The soft sheets have diverse attractive and unique colors that add beauty.

5. Dreamsacks Seamless Silk - $655 

dreamsacks seamless silk   $655

6. Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton Sateen 1020 TC - $595


7. Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cotton - $329.99


The above expensive bed sheets enhances the beauty of the bedroom. They are mostly preferred by the rich who can afford their cost and. The sheets that are made of high quality cotton fabric and hence they are durable and easy to wash.